Age Inversion Paradox

One of my Heroes, Eugene Atget

There is a thing called the Age Paradox – where you are as happy or happier in your old age as compared to when you were younger.

I’ll throw in a little more – and that is how with age comes experience and wisdom – which all of the insane testosterone and youthful angst and energy can’t experience.

Case in point. While I had a darkroom and was a very active film photographer in the 80’s, I missed so many great photos that I am only finding now as I scan them. I somehow had the presence of mind to take the photo – but missed them when deciding on what to print.

What’s fascinating is how badly I wanted to be known as an artist, but how trapped I was in youthful angst. I had no clue – was this a subliminal time capsule? Do we do this as a way to make our older years more palatable? I mean, today, I couldn’t walk around a European city all day like I did in my 20’s.

The same thing happened with music. I wrote some decent songs, but didn’t have the patience or discipline to become a better musician. Today I write songs that will go nowhere, but my songs today are light years better as is my musicianship.

Oh well, at work I can do things I could only dream about when I was in my 20’s, and as far as my art and music goes, I’m fine just being a legend in my own mind.

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