Fujifilm XT-5: Love at First Sight

The best thing that happened to me is the Fuji X100V has not been available except at highway robbery prices.

Very close in looks and function!
The XT-5 is for “ex film” photographers

I have it set up and I’m so impressed with the camera and lens. Its the best camera I’ve ever had, believe it or not, I like it better than the Leica M6 that I had in the 80’s.

The Pentax ME Super

My wife has an old Pentax K1000, and the XT-5 is more like the K1000 than ME Super, at least in size. The Fuji XT-30ii is more like the ME Super.

I dedicate this new XT-5 to my old ME Super – wherever it may be. And I celebrate more than 40 years with photography as the most soothing and fun hobby you can have.

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