Avian Telegraph

One of the most amazing thing is all around us – no matter where we go – and we take them for granted most of our lives. I walked out one morning with the days getting a bit longer and where we are long overdue for Spring – and I heard so many different birds – some chirping, some whistling some making staccato noises. Many different “dialects” – in fact – because they were all calling and getting responses – it sounded like multiple nations sending telegraph messages but in their different languages.

Here in Northern California, we get a great combination of birds in the Winter – we see a mix of what must be over – wintering northern birds. Most of ours stay – so hence we get quite the mixture.

Warblers, bluebills and hawks, oh my. Because of its prime location, the Bay Area is a popular stop for birds migrating and breeding along the Pacific Flyway — the bird highway of the West Coast. Here are some of the best spots to go birding, and how to get started in your own backyard.


My favorite are these birds that are mostly constantly searching through leaves and branches for seeds – and they kick up the ground in the funniest way. I built bird houses all around the house and the Titmice mate and have their babies every spring. They have a very distinct warning sign / call if you get too close to their nest / birdhouse. Blur Jays are real buggers – super resourceful and they can change their “voice”. I used to hate them because they are bullies, but have grown used to them and even like how resourceful and smart they are.

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