Northwest Crossing

You are my intended
We were meant to be
It sure was a journey
Nothing is free

Now looking back
It was all planned
What has transpired
I now understand

A meeting by chance
Was our start
I knew you were mine
At least in my heart

We had to wait longer
And compromise
We had many years
With dreams in our eyes

Yesterday finally
We saw the light
For all your dues paid
I can requite

It took a long while
Better to than not
Our arrow of love
Hit our chosen spot

Our Winter was tough – but we have Triumphed!

– KY6R

I guess in a way, Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” tells only half of the story. We both started down one road and then we both changed course – and together this time. We both wish we would have started our journey’s together – but it is what it is.

My wife and I will be celebrating our 16th Anniversary in a few weeks. We both had been married before and we both have worked hard our entire lives and are our own person(s). We have had to compromise on many different levels over the years and we have paid our dues.

Our dream has been to finally get to the point on life where for once, we don’t have to compromise – we can finally get to the top of at least one mountain. Sure – we have hiked or biked up and over many mountains – but this one is a Spiritual Mountain.

When we were young we both went to church – our parents introduced us to the Catholic and Episcopal churches. We both respect religion and do like many of the parables and especially downright covet The Golden Rule. I have read quite a bit of the old and new testaments – and my favorite parable is the one in the old testament – where if a tree or plant is dying- give it one more chance – and it may surprise you and grow. Its a message of hope – that love and hard work will carry the day. And it has!

Its a story of resurrection – a time to stop worrying about past pains and strife and worry and ascend to that next level or place in the cosmos. Spring itself and the Vernal Equinox is a time of re-birth and resurrection – there are so many plants and animals, birds and bees that Spring back to life. Even these crazy lizards that we have come out from wherever they go and hibernate. The mustard in the fields and poppies – all against the deep green grass this year is just stunning. Seeing water trickle from so many springs and filling our reservoirs – especially Lake Shasta just brings a joy that is hard to describe.

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