Self Portraits

Self Portrait with Fujifilm X-T5 at The Deschutes Historical Museum

Its been years since I took a self portrait. Way back in the 80’s, my self portrait was for a calling card and had dramatic lighting. The cards came out most excellent. It was fun to fantasize that I was a photographer who really was a (very successful) Computer Programmer who didn’t quit his day job.

Self Portrait with Pentax ME Super in the 80’s

For quite a few years I stopped taking self portraits because I was very much involved in Ham Radio and I also put on a lot of weight and was self conscious. I would only make goofy faces or wear funny hats. This one I the only one I like – it was more about goofing on Ham Radio than anything:

Circa 2016 with Antenna in background

I do have a few others, but these are fine for now. I am experiencing “The Age Paradox” because I am happier now than ever, mainly because I had the presence of mind to take lots of very good photographs over the years, and while I did not write many songs in the 80’s, my musicianship now is light years ahead of back in the 80’s. I didn’t have the maturity or work ethic I have now and was more of a wannabe, to be perfectly honest. I have a real solid body of photography, music and assemblage art.

When I lose these last 10 or 15 pounds I will do another. Hopefully that will happen by May or June.

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