The New Roaring 20’s

I think we are on the cusp of a new roaring 20’s. It seems to me that we really haven’t recovered from all of Covid’s far reaching affects – specifically, supply chain issues.

We also haven’t fully recovered from political strife from the Trump era. Sadly, only his final demise might be the only way out of that – but the 2022 mid terms do seem to suggest a change. I also think what just happened in Tennessee is a huge bell weather.

On the street – with your average Joe, like you and I, I can feel a coming uprising of the need for people to be out and about and that people en masse might even help thwart inner city crime that has run rampant.

I don’t know why, but I feel people will be coming out again – getting back into the world again and moving past the craziness that was sparked by Covid. Its just a feeling I have that as soon as the warmer weather arrives this year that we will start seeing some positive changes. It won’t change overnight, but I do think there will be some noticeable good things to come.

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