World Famous

Life is Surreal, with a capital S. I’ve read more about the Roaring – 20’s and because Wilson was an idiot and WWI ended with a big surprise (earlier than expected) and it was a war that was ridiculous to start with, there was a nihilistic mood. The Spanish Flu took mostly young lives so between WWI and that pandemic young people decided to live hard and fast because they just learned that there are many ways you could die at any moment.

The Covid pandemic is very different. Smart people got vaccinated and most people probably take the vaccine for granted – we just expect technology to save us.

So I fully expect this Roaring 20’s to not be nihilistic beyond people spending money on trips and things like that Fujifilm X100V. People will get outside and travel. There is a growing movement of young people “vagabonding” – living in vans and campers. Its much more tame than 100 years ago.

Having two sons of the prime age of being young adults – they are travelling more and they also decided to upgrade their apartments in San Francisco – mainly because of the bust of young techies and office space in SF – many young techies have moved out of the city, and rents have eased up

I fully expect as supply chain issues to subside there will be a spending spree.

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