Cabinet Curio Prison Break

Locked in the cabinet
Restless curios
Biding their time
Plotting escape

When time is right
They will take flight
Into the night
Creepy delight

I’ve run a week of old songs just to get a feeling for how my new music compares to the old. I don’t remember trying to sing as much as I did – but that’s OK – while I kinda stink at singing, the idea of this blog isn’t a finished polished song – but a song idea I could bring to a band and have them mold it and make it their own.

Its interesting – my musicianship has gotten a lot better – especially on the Cello, but it was better than I had remembered – I was half expecting to laugh at my ability then and now. Again – for someone who is just trying to write new songs and improve as a musician, I have been doing just fine and am looking forward to every day I can play some musical instrument. Its one of life’s pure joys.

One thing I think I do pretty well is recite my lyrics as a poem. The best one’s are like this song – where the words are sparse – so when I do recite – its never too much.

I do like the instrumentation on this song a lot – chiming 12 string guitar, synth, bass and piano line.

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