Travel Light

1989 – Golden Gate Park, San Francisco . . . Where are they now?
Travel light
We leave tonight
Don't want to remember
What we can't forget

The truth is hard
The devils trump card
Our past lives
Our past selves

Leave mirrors behind
For peace of mind
Left on the shelves
Our former selves

I fully expect that we will be leaving Orinda “ahead of schedule”. There is this strange psychology – that once you start getting rid of stuff in preparation for a move – even a little progress starts your mind running that you are “already gone”. Its the same psychology that taunts you during your last semester at college. Its almost torture – you have to take care of that last business before you embark on life’s next journey.

Luckily, the Nextdoor app and other venues let you post your stuff and someone will be able to re-cycle or re-use that stuff. We have a steady flow of people picking up stuff – old sports equipment in great shape, heck even old scraps of metal and wood. All of these things are so expensive any more – these are smart people – and its good for the planet to avoid dumping stuff at the landfill.

I will soon have to take apart my recording studio and release that garage space back to a space for a second car. That shack was used for my ham radio activities and now my music recording studio. I will have to start taking photo’s using a fisheye lens as well as a macro lens. The biggest conundrum I have is what art pieces to take and what to give away. I think I will give as much of my art pieces and old prints to them as these things are a part of me – and these are the one’s I chose to decorate my house with – so somehow they were special. I was VERY happy when I gave away previous really good pieces – to friends and work colleagues. The smile on their faces gave me so much more than any money ever could have.

If I had to guess, we could move as soon as July – or as late as August – but I really don’t see any benefit from staying any more. Wow – 17 years here in Orinda – my how time has flown like a rocket ship.

Where are all of us now?


Here’s the great thing – I am so excited to move to Bend that I feel 17 years younger today – its really that exciting. We don’t get to live forever – but if we make hay when the sun shines – we also never have to lament what we should have done in life. Besides The Golden Rule – these are the few words of wisdom that I am parroting for the ages . . . .

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