Something Sinister

Back in the 70’s, NYC was a dangerous shit hole. The cities nearby in the Tri-State area of NY-NJ-CT had their share of dirty dangerous happenings.

It was so bad that my Grandparents cemetery became too dangerous to visit due to constant gunfire.

Sadly, it seems like we are going back to that sinister crap. There are two things that line up. There is wide spread “concern” about the Police. Back then I remembered the “children if the 60’s” calling the Police Pigs and other derogatory names. Now, the same shit is going on with this ridiculous “Defund The Police”. Proves that both parties are filled with lunatics.

The second thing is high inflation. There might be more, but it breaks my heart that cities like SF, Oakland and Portland are turning to shit. It could take a decade to bounce back.

There will no doubt be another wave of people fleeing the cities for the suburbs.

70’s flashback – big time.

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