Phantom Drummer

In the dark
Forlorn night
My ears pounding
Shadow fright

The sound is low
Near my soul
Ear drum aches

Hammer, stirrup
Please be still
Mind be quiet
Final Will
The Metamorphosis

Ah yes – whenever I listen to (some) of Tom Waits albums, I do get some very interesting inspiration. The three albums that I love are the “triad” of Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs and Franks Wild Years. There are others – some of Mule Variations – and more that I haven’t explored yet.

My Assemblage art mentor – Jack Howe of Santa Cruz – has sold several of his pieces to Tom Waits – and so there is this erstwhile sidewise indirect connection I have with Tom Waits. You see – these three albums sounds like the creepy, dusty but oh so cool (horror fascination) with the strange.

The musicianship is top notch and very unique. When I first heard Tom Waits I thought he was channeling Louis Armstrong or some of the New Orleans Blues – Jazz artists or older black blues artists – very vintage Americana. But now I realize that while there is no doubt some influence – he is very unique.

Its old soul music – matches old soul creepy Assemblage art, and I love it.

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