Adios Orinda – Part 3: Apple Blossom Express

Our Heirloom Gravenstein Apple Tree
In the dead of night
Hear the whistle blow
Green and slightly tart
This is how they start

Green Apple Man
Smiles a brimming cup
He knows your secrets
He knows whats up

You finally learned
Patience for your dreams
Wishing Chair: Fall Harvest
Tasty tart and green

There are quite a few beautiful old trees on our property, and this old apple tree is one of our favorites. It could be 70 years old, and when watered enough it delivers the tastiest green apples, crisp and slightly tart. Absolutely perfect for baking.

Ironically, some of the best fall colors around are right in our front yard.

I’m now really looking forward to moving and worked very hard getting rid of quite a bit of stuff on Next door and with our garbage companies “Bulky Waste” and Recycle days.

Its been a very busy week – time for a well earned cocktail!

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