Kodak Autographic 2c Brownie

Just goofing around today in the new studio. I’ve had two weeks of stressful cleanup preparing the house for sale. These two weeks no doubt were the worst – they required getting rid of a lot of old junk – 17 years worth. I call this “Phase 1” and there will be two more iterations – Phase 2 and Phase 3, but each will be much easier and dare I say more enjoyable than Phase 1.

2 Comments on “Kodak Autographic 2c Brownie

    • One night driving home from the Sierras I was listening to my favorite George Carlin’s skit – “Stuff”.
      I sure need to listen to that right now.

      Phase 2 is really interesting – because I have some Assemblage art and piles of old cool creepy stuff, but cant bring it all

      The plot thickens!


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