Modern Gargoyles

London, 1989

I’m halfway through scanning my old film. I’ve done 7 archival boxes and have about 7 more to go. There’s at least 20 pages of negatives per box and each page has about 30 photos, and I’m only scanning the best of the best. I started this around Christmas and went through January – then we sold our Oakland house and I got pulled away. More interruptions, and now I’m back in full force.

Its a bit weird to decide to digitize then give away what is your life’s work (photographically speaking), but after my parents passed away I had to deal with their place and their stuff. I found it kind of sad that they never bequeathed anything or thought about this sort of thing – but maybe that was a good thing – they didn’t care about stuff or things in the end.

Anyway – its kind of fun digging through old archives and bringing these images back to life after being in the “vault” all these years. I guess I really like sharing them in this venue – because its no risk and much work than trying to get shows as I did back in the 80’s.

I do love my new “digital life” . . . . I wouldn’t go back to analogue for anything in the world . . .

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