Something Lurks in the Doorway! SOHO, London – 1989
So late in the night
That its early morning
Reappearing each day
Without warning

He's friendly
Ghost of milk deliveries
Like this film
Of ancient memories

For about 4 – 5 months, I lived in London in SW10 and worked at 77 Oxford Street in SOHO. I would walk to work – or take the “Green Line”. It was great fun – and I wish I had the right mind to stay as long as I could have. However, I at least had the presence of mind to do a pretty darn good job at street photography all over Europe, and as it turns out – that is now my “life’s work” photographically speaking.

I went to work extra early and stayed late – in SOHO. I found it easy to walk anywhere in London.

I’ll probably never be known as a artist or musician, but its better to have such memories where you actually “lived the life” vs. fantasized about doing so and regretting that you didn’t.

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