Moons of May

Self Portrait, SW-10 London, 1989

Yesterday I walked 3 miles in just over 1 hour. My best time – (before my knees went bad) was about 50 minutes. Almost exactly a year ago I had my first knee replaced. It was hard – because I had babied my knee and scar tissue formed – making my recovery frustratingly and painfully slow.

In January I had my second knee replaced and it went so much faster and smoother than the first. I powered through the physical therapy – pushing myself up to about where I should without being too cavalier – but also avoiding that scar tissue forming. Live and learn.

As we prepare to leave this wonderful old house next to the creek – in a town that has been very good to me and for me – I’m sitting at my recording studio desk where a bed used to be and where I was sleeping after recovering from that first knee surgery. Funny how the ghost of me was here, and in an even more surrealistic occurrence – I looked out the window at 5:30 AM -ish o’clock and saw the moon:

Moon Phase for Thursday May 4th, 2023
The current moon phase for today is the Waxing Gibbous phase.
On this day, the moon is 13.83 days old and 96.61% illuminated with a tilt of 189.679°. The approximate distance from Earth to the moon is 387,819.05 km and the moon sign is Libra.

A year ago – and in this room – high on opioids (Oxycodone) I had this wonderfully weird dream – that I was in Green or Hyde Park London – and there was an icicle train floating above ground – with the moonlight shining on it. Out of the locomotive came little puffs of icy fog – that looked like steam. I was living in Victorian London. It just happened to be the full moon of May – and during that night it got quite chilly – after it had been on the warmer side. We are going through that same thing right now – as I type this – a late winter storm – not much rain – but chillier than it had been a few weeks ago.

I have to say (on an editorial note) – I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would want to take opioids or anything related. They are downers, make you “nod off” – and while yes – they relax you and make your pain go away – they also make you constipated. I feel very sorry for anyone who gets hooked on these. They are downers and they really drag you down. I remember after that really great dream that I just stopped taking them and put up with the pain. I’ve lived my whole life being careful about alcohol – enjoying it responsibly and even cutting way back to lose these 30 pounds (a little is fine) – but too much is too much – and it makes you fatter than a hog anyway. Ask the ex-hog who knows . . .

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