A Sense of Place

Paris, 1989
Its your sixth sense
A sense of place
And what you do
In that space

When you walk
Down that street
Do you tingle
In your feet

If you feel
Like walking on air
Then your right place
Is truly there

My name Holoch means “high glen or glade”. The Holoch family is from Stuttgart and most were farmers, many were vintners in and around the hills of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

I grew up in the Appalachians of New Jersey. It was hilly and beautiful. I went to college in beautiful Pennsylvania. The first time I went to Oregon I felt home. More than I ever did in California, but I still love California.

I have long lost relatives in Oregon. All Holoch’s are related.

There is just something very special about Oregon. I am looking forward to moving there, but will say a loving goodbye to California – as I’m eternally thankful for so many years here.

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