On Leaving

London, 1989
Wherever you go
There you are
Home is where your heart roams
Now get back in the car!

I have been lucky that only a few times in my life I felt the need that I just had to get away from the place that I lived. Only one – Rochester, NY was a place where I felt if I stayed I would be trapped in a place that I hated. Even there I did like going to Scorgies Nightclub on the weekend and Letchworth State Park was very nice. I suppose if I spent most of my weekends in the Finger Lakes it would have been a lot better.

When I moved from San Francisco to Lafayette – it was by choice – and I was leaving a place that I loved at one time but life changed the situation and it was time to move. Even my divorce – where I felt I just couldn’t stay in Lafayette and had to move to Orinda was also my choice and where I had control.

The move from Orinda to Bend is a very happy affair – but where I am taking time to revere and revel in the time I had here. I am not in a super hurry – which really surprises me because in the past – when I was ready to move, that was it – I was in a hell fire hurry.

When I moved from Newton, NJ, I actually did not want to move to California. I had visited my parents in their new house in Pleasanton – and I just didn’t like Pleasanton – for a young man of about 20 – it seemed like that place where you go to coach kids soccer – and I would have none of that. Funny thing – when I moved to Lafayette, guess what? I coached kids soccer!

This time around my wife and I want to move because we fell in love with Bend 15 or 16 years ago – and its been our dream. But the great thing is – every time we returned back to Orinda – we both said “You know, this is a pretty great place to live”.

Now that’s what I call success – all the money in the world can’t buy this . . .

On another note – today is my one year anniversary of having my first knee replaced. My how time flies.

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