The Road Ahead

The Very Serious Artiste Himself

I love creepy old junk. I have a virtual gallery here:

Most of it is pure crap, and I have less of a “hit rate” than my music. I figure one in five – or 20% of my songs would be worth bringing into a band practice studio for consideration.

Man Ray is a huge influence of mine

I’m going through the painful process of saying goodbye to my old junk art pieces. I’ll start giving them away soon. But I will photograph everything – since digital photographs are the perfect way to bring my old art where a removable SSD backup drive with my life’s work fits on one that can be put in a pocket. I have three backup drives in case one fails.

One of my better Assemblage pieces

We simply don’t want to bring a ton of stuff with us. I guess the stuff might not be hard to leave behind. Maybe its more knowing the last wonderful 17 years are over.

But while I do like to reminisce, I’ve always been forward looking – so its time to get excited by the Road Ahead.

2 Comments on “The Road Ahead

  1. One man’s trash… I’ll be happy to provide a home to any creepy assemblage piece(s) you care to get rid of.


    • OK. I’ll send photos of what I’m getting rid of and gladly ship to u


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