Digitizing An Analogue Life

One of the coolest things that has happened in my lifetime (especially as a Data Architect and Database Guru) is the confluence of the digital and analogue.

16 TB for $379.95 – that’s really amazing!

Emotionally I am 100% analogue – old school – old soul – rust and patina. Intellectually I’m 100% digital – how to fit an entire life on a small SSD (Solid State Drive) – a.k.a. “disk drive”.


Sound wise – Arturia has opened up the absolute most amazing digitized version of an analogue life. You can have all of the fat analogue sounds – warm and so pleasing to the ear – but in a digital format.

My favorite keyboard controller of all time – with Arturia’s Keylab and V Collection 9 packages


Now – “sight wise” – photography has been revolutionized by Fujifilm – with their digitized film simulations of old analogue film. I can get a gorgeous warm old analogue look and feel with digital. Hence:

Notice the analogue film controls – just brilliant

I applaud young people who think they want to try their hand at olde worlde film processing – but sorry kids – its messy, toxic and a big waste of your time. Oh – don’t forget Gimp and RAW Therapee – fantastic FREE open source digital photo lab software – easily as good as any expensive Adobe product(s).

I’ve lived through the “messy” and “space wasting” world of analogue – between toxic chemical photo processes and owning way too many big bulky analogue synthesizers in the 80’s – you can have all that jazz. I much prefer the new digital representation of an analogue life. Not only is it neater, cleaner and greatly space saving – if you were to only be allowed one carry on piece of luggage on that space ship to Mars – you could fit your whole life in one small bag.

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