Bookshelf as Art Pedestal?

This might be my Assemblage “Magnum Opus” . . .

One of the things I am toiling over is what Assemblage art pieces I want to bring to Bend. I want to pull out all the stops and take one big piece and two smaller one’s. I also want to avoid hanging anything big on a wall – mainly because the wall gets mangled, and if you ever want to move or remove that art piece – you have a wall patch and paint project – which I will avoid at all costs.

Some may argue that I have made better Assemblages, but this one is the largest and maybe craziest. It has a few elements that mean a lot to me – the “Man Ray Hands” on old wooden weaving Bobbins, the woman’s face (homage a Lee Miller?) and like a Colorforms set – I can dress her with any whacky hat or goggles and other doo – dads – so its kind of a “living” Assemblage that can change. The little guy holding the camera is just a temporary adornment – as are the brush, skull face and beads.

I have committed to bringing ONE bin of old shit from Orinda – and while this Assemblage is large (about 18 x 24 x 8) it will fit in one of my bins. Then, the other dood dads also fit in that same single bin. I could then build the pedestal once I get to Bend.

Hey – maybe a black version of this – it even has a “lip” that makes it more than just a plain bookshelf . .

This piece would fit on a corner in my new music room. No messy wall hanging. I suppose I could even just use one of my clamps and clamp it to a black book case that I will be bringing and will have in the music room. This way it will be high enough, strong enough, and could be that “one thing” that connects me back to the great memories I’ve had in my old Ham Shack / Music Studio.

Heck – I can even “practice” by setting this up in my new Orinda music studio room – that emulates the new Bend music room perfectly. . . OK – this blog post just became my plan!

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