New Adventures in HiFi

Ashland, Oregon. May, 2023

God Damn, am I excited, happy and feeling like I’m 20 years younger than I am today. Maybe even younger – like 30 years.

I’m listening to R.E.M’s “Adventures in HiFi”, which came out in 1996. Its not my favorite R.E.M. album, but if there is one band that is the soundtrack of my life, its R.E.M.

The good old days are now …

Its a convergence of being able to hike again, using cameras that feel like my old film Pentax ME Super and being 30 pounds less – which has stoked energy and excitement again.

Its also moving to Oregon – a totally new chapter in our lives. Its like all those other “passages” in my life. Luckily, we are still young enough to really do it up right in this, what I’m fairly sure is our last move and final chapter.

Savor the moment – live for today!

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