California-Oregon Trails

The trek to Oregon and California from Independence, Missouri is legendary. Kat and I have stopped in at several Oregon Interpretive Trail centers. Kat’s brother Jim lives along the Applegate Trail – and his ex wife’s family are Applegate’s. There are several Holoch families that made it to Oregon – and even a few to California – but I think after the days of Conestoga Wagons – the wheels made by German Immigrants, and if I remember correctly – were first made in Pennsylvania.

The Applegate Trail is pretty much where I-5 is as it goes from California to Oregon – and that’s where the next chapter of my life’s story starts. It will actually be I-5 to Hiway 97 out of Weed, California. Funny thing – but there is something really special about Mt. Shasta – but that is a story for another blog . . .

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