Not bad. Just six days back from Bend and we have the basement and garage cleaned up and rid of stuff we wanted to give away or donate.

Now that this mega push (and seriously hard physical work is done) I’m starting to get that weird feeling – like when you were a college senior and knew it would all be over in 4 months, but also excited because you knew the next chapter of your life was hours away by car.

In 1981, Lock Haven, PA to Fairport, NY was only just over 3 hours away, but it was a lifetime apart. Today, I have that same melancholy feeling. A small bit of sadness but moreover I guess I’m starting to realize

We really are going to move to Bend, and in just over 3 months – about a college semesters worth.

Every hour spent is an hour closer to moving. We will be living in Bend this Fall – and I can’t think of a better season to be there. In a weird way, probably because I never wanted to move to California (at first) I guess I kind of always knew I wanted to return “home”. Some place quieter and simpler – like Newton or Lock Haven. I could never ever move back east or back to an 8000 person town with nothing going on.

Bend is like those places but at 100,000 people it feels like a town more than a city. The country and outdoor features are spectacular.

We really are moving soon. Geez that is just starting to sink in ….

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