A Good Mourning

On this grey Sunday
A good mourning
A life in color
And black and white

Now its time
To say goodbye
A fond farewell
To my old life

Hit the North
Said he
Unchain the past
Now you're free

I am loving being (finally) able to express my feelings and emotions via music. It taken me a long time to get started – my big false start in the 80’s and in these last 3 years – re-kindling that first attempt and finally making good on my promise – to learn music theory and become a better musician. I actually now know what I am doing – hah hah!

The theme is better late than never – I finished scanning all of my old negatives – black and white and color – and am so glad I did. That’s another thing that I’ve wanted to do for at least 30 years – just like music – have a final reconciliation of all of the photographs that I have made. My life fits on a single 1 TB SSD – HAH!

I’m going through a grieving process – while I bought this house under extreme duress (a divorce that was starting to get nasty after my ex wife told me “This will be the most amicable divorce ever”). Truth is – I had to “escape” my old McMansion in Lafayette – which my ex wife and I bought because subliminally – we thought it would save our failing marriage. The problem is – we were incompatible from the start – there was no fixin’ possible. But my glass is half full – I pretty much only dwell on the great memories my new wife and I have had here – its really been wonderful – even if this silly old house is basic. It gave us everything we needed – and I only have the fondest of memories.

One of the fondest memories was when Kat and I first visited Bend, Oregon – way back in 2008 or so. We both instantly fell in l0ve with Bend – coinciding with just being married and being the happiest couple you can be. Bend was our escape when my ex wife came after us – and it was our refuge. We would always drive to Ashland or Medford stay the night – and then head over Highway 62. We always stopped at Union Camp. I have some of the nicest Fall colors recorded from that gorgeous spot. One time we did visit Crater Lake and it is absolutely stunning. Mt. Thielsen might be my favorite mountain ever – it reminds me of Switzerland – one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Per today’s theme – Kat and I each had to wait until our late 40’s to find that right person. Again – better late than never.

So while I write this I realize its time to say what’s done is done – and look forward to the fact that while we (again) had to wait 15 or so years to move to our dream town – Bend – it sure is better late than ever.

Hey – this theme is pretty damn great – nothing that any of us haven’t heard in poem and song before – but I’m owning this and its a great feeling.

P.S – I snuck in a reference to The Fall and even an Alfred Hitchcock reference. You’ll have to dig for these clues.

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