The Reckoning

Its seems rather odd
That we have dreams
All this for death
Till our last breath

Halloween rules
Message received
Live your best life
In sunny daylight

Autumn of years
Beautiful scene
Waning of leaves
Rust coated dreams

For our move I have had to go through piles of documents – death certificates, last will and testaments and other personal items of my Father, Mother and even my Aunt. Because I have digitized my entire Family Tree in Ancestry – I was able to put all of my old genealogy papers in the recycle bin (making sure to shred anything with personal identifiers of course). What’s amazing is that this is book-ending that grey day last October when I stood in that old Catholic cemetery in Martinez and finally resolved to get my right knee replaced and lose at least 40 pounds. These were required to prepare for this move.

While going through my parents papers – I found my Mothers British Passport. It is the most exciting and interesting item in that whole stack. It is so awesome that it deserves its own post – which will be the next post for sure.

This “cleaning and consolidating” – book ended between October and May (7 months apart) is a pure cleansing of my soul. Its like my ancestors are telling me to “Go for it – live your final years in Bend – follow your dream”.

I’ve been wondering why – in my excitement to move to Bend – that I’m also experiencing some melancholy. I knew it had more to do with where I am in my life’s journey – and that all of a sudden I am here – a juncture that seemed to be so far off when I was going through a divorce in 2005 – but man – some how almost 20 years has flown by, and here I am.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the encouragement – I hope I also have the same 20 years you did when you left the Bay Area and moved to Roseville and very much enjoyed your final days on this mortal coil.

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