The Yellow Wheel

Here lies
Love lost
Time gone
No cost

Hearts broken
At a loss for
Words spoken

Some win
Some lose
Love is mad
Feeling blue

Today’s theme is a mash up of feelings after going through piles of old photo’s and family documents that had been above my recording studio / ham shack that I just tore down. Lots of dead people in those boxes – and almost every girl / woman whom I had the pleasure to know in my life. Some broke my heart and some I broke theirs. One or two were pretty much friends with benefits – just a passing fun time – where we had our fun and moved on. I also found photo’s of my Mothers ex Husband and a Divorce paper for both my Mother and Father’s ex husband and wife.

When we were at Collier State Park – as much as I hate graffiti – I had a nice chuckle at the yellow truck where someone had professed their love for Shane.

The song is “dirgy” on purpose – and the opening bit is trying to be one of the old Shortwave Radio station “Intervals” – a theme that radio stations would play over and over for quite a few minutes before they started up on the air. This is because when I was going through the old photos, I also have some excellent 70’s era QSL cards from shortwave stations. These stations started disappearing throughout the 90’s so these have some serious sentimental value – like my old girlfriends and love lost – my love of shortwave radio was also a passing thing – something I will never see or hear again.

The synth sounds are squarely from the 70’s and early 80’s – on purpose. I am going to scan all of the old QSL cards and then recycle them. Like a big dummy – I put them on the wall using pins – so I will use Gimp to fix those holes. I might even have them held by the old creepy dolls and puppets that I will also donate somewhere after I preserve them digitally . . . .

More to come on this new theme. File under “Unrequited Love” . . . from The Twilight Zone

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