Broken Top Express

In the post entitled “Thirty” I predicted that the foundation for our Bend house will be poured on the 30th of May. When it does, we will open this bottle of Broken Top Bourbon. Our new house is one block away from the most amazing view of one of the many very cool mountains and buttes surrounding Bend – called Broken Top. In fact, I guess if I had to list only one thing that attracts me to Bend more than anything – its the Cascade Mountains.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE the Sierras – they are spectacular – and having just visited the eastern side of the Sierras – I only learned late last year that the east side is actually in many ways even more beautiful than the western side. I am sure its the combination of mountain and high desert. That appeals to me more than the wetter western slopes.

Yesterday I completed the worst of the worst jobs I had to do to get this house ready for sale. As soon as I was done with cleaning up the mess I made under the house and taking down and getting rid of the ham / music shack in the garage – and then getting rid of all of the many bins of crap – I felt energized. Basically – today was the first day where I really realized – “Hey, we are moving – and way sooner than later” – in fact, sooner than we had ever guessed we would when we started this journey only 1 month ago.

I’ll place this bottle within eye’s sight somewhere – I can feel the progress and “movement” happening for our move.

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