My Top 10 of 2022

This turned out to be a better year than I had expected. Here are the highlights of the good stuff – luckily we humans have a way of forgetting the bad:

The Goat Sleepers

These manly menSleep with goatsSome are womenSome are bothWearing their ToughskinsWearing eye patchTalk like piratesBelieving fake factsMisguided minionsNose hair clumpsTheir beloved leaderForest TrumpCan’t get a dateWith any oneBobbing and squintingCarrying gunsNazi Goose StepTripping in timeScreaming real loudCommitting crimeShooting their eyes outAll over townRotting in jailLooking like clowns

Nesbitt Smithers

This is a storyAbout Nesbitt SmithersHe makes men shakeHe makes women quiverHe stands for libertyHe stands for freedomHe sits for the dentistCuz he really needs oneHe smokes a pipeHe eats Pop TartsHe wears a cravatAnd coughs when he fartsHe has no childrenNor a wifeHe prefers to be singleIn his busy lifeHe smokes a pipeHe plays guitar He wears riding gogglesWhen he drives his carHe…

Black Friday

Step right up And get in lineSpend every pennySpend every dimeWe won’t stop Until we’re told”Your over your limit -Your credits on hold”After the harvestOf useless junkWe stash it in boxesWe stick in in trunksWe work all day And work all year So we can buy stuffThat we call gearChorusBlack Friday I Googled Black Friday – because the name is so bizarre for what…


No lyrics today – just playing with the Lap Steel and this bugger popped out. I tried to play other instruments with it – but was impressed with how the Lap Steel can easily command the entire song. I’ve been reading and enjoying a great read – and one for those of you who like word play and trying to write lyrics or poetry…

Stranglers – “No More Heroes”

Its funny, but as I was hoping, we are now in a crescendo of billionaires (and wannabe billionaires) scratching each others eyes out for attention. Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West and soon – others – will burn all of their bridges in a strange grudge match that looks like self immolation. Even if they survive they are all becoming downright embarrassing. I was…

My Two Favorite Christmas Movies

A Christmas Carol, with Alastair Sim is tied with A Christmas Story by Gene Shepherd for my all time favorite Christmas movies. Oddly, I’ve never seen “Its a Wonderful Life” but since I love Jimmy Stewart (especially in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window) I am sure i’ll like it as well. The acting and cinematography in these movies is tops. I’m not a big movie…

Autumns Setting Sun

The sun is settingOn another Autumn daySunny Sunday afternoonIt sank over the hill too soonA long Thanksgiving weekendWarmth from a pot of teaThe days are growing coldAnother day we’re growing oldBut here at home I’m warm As long as you are nearWeaving in your weaving roomPretty colored threaded loom

Grave Creek

She died when she was youngJust 16 years at handAlong the Applegate TrailOn her way to the promised landA bridge marks the placeWhere they crossed the creekA quiet gothic reminderThe journey not for the meekA small grave marks the placeWhere she lies in peaceIts not far from the bridgeIts twenty yards at leastNow the interstateRuns past this sacred siteIts quiet during the dayBut no…

My Constellation

I’ll never be famousBut I made it past Age 27And I am !ovedIt might seem triteTo describe thisConstellation PrizeBut yes, it is heavenlyAt least it is in my eyesYou areThe starsMy loveThe moonThe pointsIn my compassMy constellation