Holiday Cheer

For a short whileWe will enter a worldFilled with smilesAnd children’s wide eyesA time to reflectOn another New YearA great Autumn HarvestFollowed by Holiday CheerSoon we will plan The upcoming yearBut for just a few weeksReflect on those you hold dear

Time Traveling

I’m now writing Etudes – or pieces strictly for studying and learning Cello. The chord progression is the open notes of my 5 string Cello – F C G D A I wrote something close to this – same chords but different order. They will sound similar, but my goal is “study” (Etude), not worrying about writing a new masterpiece – haha Time travelingBack…

The Secret Life of Musical Instruments

Musical InstrumentsI Like to playAt last count I’m up to EightFirst there is the GuitarSix and twelve stringsWrite most songs with itGuitars chime and singThen there are the 88’sKeys of ivory and ebonyNotes are lined up in a rowLearning music theory is easyNext up love the BassSounds down lowNot in your faceRhythm section flowCousin CelloLike the bassGoes from low to highUse a bow with…

The Vine of Life

A family tree Is a vine turned upside downBlood Red FruitFrom the sky to the groundFamily historyStories to tellRelatives you didn’t know you hadNow you know them wellNow extend thatTo the Family of ManSix degrees of separationEveryone is in your clan

First Light, Last Light

First LightLast LightBest lightMorning, NightPhotographThe Golden LightGreets you into dayEnds with streaming raysEach day A gift!Simple things,Each day brings

Krampus or Kringle?

Gather round The tree to hear What’s in store For you this year If you’ve been good You get the Gold If you’ve been bad A lump of coal Delivering coal Is his game Uncle Krampus Is his name Delivering Gold Is Old Kris Kringle Flies his sleigh His bells a-jingle The moral here Is try to be nice Cuz if you’re naughty Krampus…

Look Skyward

Look up!Not down at your shoesYou’ll be surprised What you can doTodayThere are social media snakesPurveyors of fearPurveyors of hateIt’s all for moneyOr maximum likesIgnore them allGo ride your bikeDisinformationIs all the rageIn our nationIts a plagueSo, what to do?Ignore them allSave your sanityIgnore their call

Autumn Steps

Small garden stepsStrong and steepMade of brickThree foot deepAlways warmAnd invitingGarden pathQuite excitingWhen the rain Comes downGolden leaves fallOnto the ground

New Testament

My fifth song with Cello. Its a challenge, but the more I play Cello, the more I love it. This a New TestamentReligious, in a pagan wayWorshipping NatureWhat God hath madeNo need for textProse or sermonsJust open your eyesYour soul is yearningGentle thoughts Relaxing and kindOpens your soulOpens your mind

Hello Electric Cello!

Hello Electric Cello!I knew you’d one day surfaceOne day appearI just didn’t know which yearYou came into my lifeBy quite a surpriseWhen you arrivedI couldn’t believe my eyesYou make sounds Lower than bassAnd way up aboveNear the violins spaceThanksgiving is hereMy favorite time of yearYour sound is electricBringing me great cheer