Disturbance At The Rochester Hotel

She looks outHer windowHe said he’d never goShe in her veilWedding day that’sWhen he went awayAttic aboveYou can hear herRunning down the stairsWind rushes pastYour room windowShe is that airIn 1892They checked inThey were the first guestsThen he leftHer all aloneShe never left

The Face of MAGA

Cleanup on Aisle 3A drunken father peedAnother super fine MAGA FamilyToothless ignoramusTrump made em’ famousDrop the bar lowerThey’re mentally slowerDaughter got knocked upFrom a temporary¬† hookupWith her uncle JeeterAnd his little peterThey’re Against abortionThey use no precautionsMake America GrateWith inbred redneck primatesSpill on Aisle 3Mama done lost her teethIn a Methamphetamine hazeDuring Smallmart shopping daysAmerica is dumbing downOur Country is full of clownsRich men…

The Slider

ChorusThey’re a sliderA Trump InsiderAnal snifferBig Boot LickerFat Race BannonLoosest cannonKissing Trump’s ringWhile pawing his thingRotten gall StoneKisses Trumps boneHe’s a dandyA closeted pansyGhoulianiLicks Trump’s golf teeNonsense speakingHair dye leakingKraken LadyOld Slim ShadyStrokes Trumps egoHer pardon was vetoedCapitol StormersFuckin MoronsGoing to jailFor the King of FailMAGA NationMental constipationMissing front teethTrump continues to fleeceThe moral isCareful what you wishWith Donald TrumpYou’re under the busYour breath…

Cherry Bitters

Brandi was a fine girlWho made the sailors merryBut I know a better girlHer name is Bitters, CherryI met her at the cafeSipping cappuccinoUnbeknownst to both of usWe both grew up in RenoAfter passing pleasantriesThe discussion grew quite darkShe said she was not “Of This Earth”An Orbiting Trailer ParkShe said she needed coverSomewhere she could hideJust then the door flew openThey said “Your Uber…

Wise Owls

In the darknessOn a fenceThe barn owl ‘sPerching intentHear his call Hear leaves rustleHe descendsHear the tussleIn the morningHear the hootDuring the nightCaught his foodHe isn’t sleepingUp in that treeLooking and hootingSo Gent-i-ly

Broken Down

Broken down Is the break downWe can’t get thereOn frozen groundLet down Is the low downDon’t fix what’s Spinning round’Down townIs not up townDown beat nowCircle aroundLost and foundA Burial groundTires stuckThey’re muddy brownBarking houndProm night gownOld memoriesQuite profoundDoes astoundTop soil moundJust a dreamThoughts abound

Skeleton Gap

Straight on up the hillStraining engine moansShining limestone ridgeJust like human bonesSunset coming fastAlmost at the topEngine losing steamSee the pressure dropChorusIt been 13 days Since I held you tightAlmost at the topSee you tomorrow night

They Only Come Out at Night

They only come out at nightYou see them during the dayThey haunt their storefront windowsThey have so much to sayThey watch you as you walkAs you stride past their storeBut as soon as it gets darkThey walk out of their doorThey speak in lower voices A language of their ownYou will never understand themFrom your human zoneThey smoke their cigarettesAnd sip their cappuccinosThey reminisce…

Sturgeon Moon

She walked in to the party at eightShe was always fashionably lateSome say she rode a broomDuring the August Sturgeon MoonThe super moon is on its wayWaxing, putting July at bayThe year moves on its almost fallThe colors turn and that’s my callShe practices her skill at riding that broomPretty soon the sky will have little roomSo many witches and warlocks up thereFlying like…