Copper Leaves

We have three trees that have gorgeous orange, reddish, peach and copper leaves right now. That and the shorter daylight days and nights that are cool (even without fog), and it feels like the end of Summer for sure. Today’s song was inspired by the Fall beauty and how mesmerizing it is.


Todays Imaginary Puppet Theatre’s (IPT) Show is an adaptation of Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven” – but it concentrates on his wife who died at age 24 of tuberculosis – (which is what his Mother also died of when he was only 2 years old). He references his wife using many different names throughout his work. It seems to have been a factor in…


I’ve been doing my usual annual reading of Edgar Allan Poe this (almost) Autumn, and I can see clearly that I identify much more with his poetry than his short stories. I love his poetry – its just so much easier to read and flows in a way where I can stay with it. His short stories are awesome, but it requires that I…


Last night we had some slight rain – and I only saw ONE lightning flash. I think the Bay Area dodged a bullet this year – unlike last. The day was so beautiful – after a very Fall like sunrise – the sky was so blue and the air so clear. This combined with awesome Fall light – and it was a perfect day….

Fire Throwing Clowns

I can’t help myself – the news just keeps getting more Dada and Surreal. And funny as all hell – in a creepy Halloween sort of way. There was a story of a woman in Arizona who quit her job to work on the Fraudit. She asked if The National Guard could protect them from Black Lives Matter snipers and Fire Throwing Clowns. Since…

Sgt. Pepper

Crazy busy day, but I squeezed this little ditty in. I used the Theremini to start and it was set on the classic Theremin sound.

Late Summer Scenes

On our bike ride to Alamo this past weekend, I saw a lone Canadian Thistle along the bike path – dried out as they do during summer. Summer officially ends in just two weeks. I used to mark time in my Ham Radio hobby with how the radio band propagation changed – I could usually make better (farther) contacts during the Autumnal and Vernal…

Halloween 666 Series, Part One

I will have a series of 6 Halloween Scenes, with 6 songs, and Its just over 6 weeks until Halloween.

Lord Huron Review

Mine Forever is the best rock video I’ve seen in 10 years and their music is right up there with Blanche. This is the song and video I wish I did. It’s super inspirational – something that really stokes my motivation to try to write something remotely as good. They have a great sound complete with violin and theremin. In other songs they use…

The Face That Launched A Thousand Chips

There is a band that is just awesome – they are called “Lord Huron”. Run – don’t walk to listen to them. Check out “Mine Forever” on YouTube. Now, THAT takes alt-country and alt-roots and even Dead Country and adds a Western twist – a combo of several things – surf, spaghetti western movie theme, and is a stew of just the perfect ingredients….