Free Wheelers

When you liveInside your mindClowns can’t find youBy design The world will spinAround your wayLeaving clownsNothing to say Clowns may yellAnd scream and shoutThey have no ideaWhat you’re about

hot rod

he lists side to side he drools when he driveshe looks rather oddhis name is hot rodthey say he was kingof a hedge fund thingthen booze took its tollto the bottom he’d gomen that climb high have a tear in their eyewhen up at the top nowhere but to drop It still amazes me how famous people crash and burn. Too much and never…

Ghost Bike

Ghost bikePainted whiteRider downDied tonightGhost bikeTurning rightDidn’t see himDark at nightGhost bikeAccidentTragedySacrament

The Ghost Keepers

SkeletonsLine their closetTheir past deedsDefies all logicBats fly highIn their belfryMakes no sense theThoughts they keepThey talk a lotAnd say naughtSeek attentionAt any costBig fat bulliesWeaklings allNo backboneTheir downfallLoose lipsSink shipsGive away All their tricksGhosts will hauntTheir future mindMeet the devilLeave mankind I used to think all of the crazy narcissists out there in the press and internet media had no conscience. I think…

Devils Plague

It grows by the sidewalkIt grows all over townA weed they call stupidityA weed that’s all aroundLook before crossingThe cars drive very fastLook up from that smart phoneIf you want to lastThe world is not your oysterThe truth is not onlineIf you worship charlatansYou will lose your mind

Noxious Weeds

I’m here todayTo address the NationWho mentally has beenOn vacationWe only have oneChance to correctRemove the poisonousNasty insectsJust like JesusIts time for showFrom the templeThe cretins must goPoliticians, punditsTrumps are thievesStrewn aboutLike noxious weedsAlas I fear theBottled up rageAbout to be releasedFrom its rusty cageViolence now isBack in fashionHistory repeatsAssasinations I’m remembering the hate in America that led to the two Kennedy MLK and…

Chvrch of The Blessed Milkweed

Some call her a witchy womanSome call her a divine GoddessSome call her all day longShes TV Evangelists richestShes clever and disarmingShe has a 501c3She doesn’t pay her taxesI mean, why would she?Supreme Food Court has her backWatch her as she praysSee the Congress on their kneesReplenishing their evil waysChorusOnly in the promised landReality show gone badOne Nation Under GodAmerica has gone mad

One Armed Bandito Blues

He’s standing thereWithout a careEating cold refritosHe popped a springHe heard a dingThe old one armed banditoYou never knowAnother man’s woesUntil you wear his shoesHis looks alarmingHe’s downright charmingBut he has the bluesHis swaggered walkA limping gateShows rusting of his gearsBut he trods onHis youth is goneHe tries to hide his fearsChorusIf you see This boyish manWho has enthusiasmPlease be niceSaid Jesus ChristHis heart…

Soothsayer of Fortune

Iron Maiden sorceressWe’ve all endured so much painPlease give us some good newsWill we ever be sane (again?)Life has been a garden of evilSome have done us great harmTell us please the tide will turnGive us a good news shot in the armIt is said only we can makeOur own self happinessBut there are those out in this worldWho want for all of us…