Cobwebs and Dust

They say he closed up shopOne last timeWent home And diedHe tried to carry onWith the storeHis wife had passedFour years beforeHe did the bestThat anyone canBut his heart was brokenHe was a lonely manThe last timeI visited his storeHe said he was 90As he closed the door

Kill Your TV

A holiday tradition in my family is a little like the Seinfeld Festivus episode – a funnier version of “The Airing of Grievances” scene. We used to get together and the conversation would always turn to how my twin brother screwed up when we were young. I have made it a point not to “go there” this year and start a conversation with that…


Down from the mountainsCanyon Creek ambles alongDeposits into the South UmpquaPioneer CemeteryCovered wagon settlersTook their last breath here

White Trash Pop Eye

Daddy told young Elmer”Please don’t play with guns”Because you’ll shoot your eye outThen you’ll just have oneElmer didn’t listenAnd he shot his Daddy’s gunIt hit him in his right eyeNow he only has the left oneHe rides horses tough as nailsWith the Boys who are ProudHe got caught at the CapitolOn camera they were very loudWearing his pirate eye patchSeen yelling MAGA chantsNow he…

Plane Tree (The Good Life)

I suppose life is likeThe beautiful Fall colorsIt doesn’t last longSo we commit it to songIts a good lifeThere’s a place I knowIn fact its many placesWhere I feel ZenThrough my camera lensIts a good lifePeople come and people goBut you are here to stayTime marches onFrom night to the dawnIts a good life

The Footpath

A quiet morningCool and crisp The dabbled lightRained down like mistThe walking pathNot long ago Devoid of colorBefore this showAs if on queueFall colors cameIt looks so differentIts not the sameJust weeks ago Brown dried out weedsBut this late fallA different breedI almost quitWithout a fussBut then it cameThe color rustWhat seems so lateIs now in timeThe longer the waitThe better the wine

Tobacco Sunburst

All along a railroad lineThats now a walking pathI saw a glowing stand of treesIt looked like Autumns lastThey proved to be a phantom standThose serated leaves of elmThey don’t grow much round hereToday I was under their spellIn amongst their yellow leavesI saw another color firstLeaves the color of my mandolinTobacco Sunburst

The Gift of The Magi(c)

I’ve been reading a great book called “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”. If you want to give a cool little hardcover book for Christmas, there’s my recommendation. It even fits in a stocking. While we are on the subject of word play and word etymology and gifts, look up the word Magi – its a lot more interesting than the Christian Bible story. Magic…

You Are The Gift

You are my music, my museYou are the gift that If I were dreaming I’d chooseYou are the journey and destinationI’d travel the globeTo land at your stationLuckily I don’t have to go farAt home in each others warmthTogether forever we always areI will give thanks to GodThat we found each otherAnd are like two peas in a pod Its that wonderful time of…

Peace, Love and Harmony

There’s something all the riches In the universe can’t buyIts the peace love and harmonyWe have in our lifeWhen you looked me Straight in the face And asked “How can I be so happy?”I was feeling exactly the sameWhen you finally get it rightAnd find the right one in lifeRun, don’t walkMake sure they are your husband or wifeLife is so short But no…