The Weed Express

July will never Be the sameNow that I’ve boarded The Weed Express TrainJust like January It’s kind of longMy new found loveIn this summer songPhotographingThe noon day skyIs best doneIn the middle of JulyThe harvest weedsSky cerulean blueIs what you needWith dried out weedsChorusIts not somethingThat you smokeIt’s somethingThat pokes

Graveyard Digging Blues

In this field you will not danceWe work you very hardThe only spade that you will see Won’t be a deck of cardsNow its time to get to work And pay your social duesYour penitence for all your crimesThe graveyard digging bluesYou should have thought more Before you planned that coupYou left a trail of evidenceBut that is just like youYou never did what…

Artie Choke

Artie ChokeA fine young blokeA crown of thorns had heJesus ChristHis hair was niceDyed purple as the seaLady FairHands through his hairFelt an awful prickLady fairDoth she declaredWould she be Arties chickWait, there’s moreBefore you snoreYou have to hear the endingShaved his hairHis head laid bareHe had her full attentionShe saidOh Artie ChokeYour are my blokeYou look like Yul BrennerWithout hair, your head so…

Creeping Spurge

She keeps her shades drawnSo she can’t seeThe old brick building Where he used to beFriend of her husbandGot in a carTogether they droveDown to the barThe road was icy The car hit a treeBoth men diedIn the debrisTo her husbandTheir affair was unknown Now they are gone She’s forever aloneChorusOld weeds and vinesCover the house The attic Thick with dust

Red Sorrel

He hides in plain sightRight under your eyeNext to the trail Down in a swaleMaking his plansHidden from manLooks like a weedThat’s what we believeDuring the spring He looks like noth-ingSomething to mowDon’t let it growThen when he driesBrings tears to your eyesHis rustic danceA rusty romanceDuring the summer Seed pods bring wonderRed, brown and rustTo see it – you mustNext time you walk…


Weeds are us forgotten peopleWe are the outcast meekIn our day and gilded ageOnly the gilded get to speakLike old dolls  that are compositeMade of many different thingsWe the  meek shall  inherit nothingEvery Thing was made for KingsKings from Queens and other royalsNeed to watch  their gilded teaFor us masses  will take it backWhat belongs to you and meChorusWeeds for nowOne if by nightCamouflagedTwo…

St. Mary

BabyYou move meWhen you stick me With your thornsBabyI’m caught in your trapStuck insideYour thicketBabyI’m feelin thornyCould you ease upDon’t pinch so hardBabyThat’s betterA little goesA long longWay ChorusSt. Mary You’re my drugSt. Mary Stick with meSt. Mary Give me a hugSt. Mary Forever in love

Stickers and Thorns

Stickers and thornsYou were warnedStay out of the thicketThey’re full of pickersBlackberries are sweetHard to resistVines have sharp barbsThey can do harmLife is like thisBut we forgetSometimes its beautyHas double dutyWhat might seem niceIs camouflagedCauses us griefWhen we seek relief


Turn on the newsWatch the podcastVillains everywhereSeems so vastOld Chester Gould Pictured these thugsHis rogues galleryFilled with their mugsReal life creeps Look like cartoonsUgly grotesqueModern day goonsCrime doesn’t payThis we shall seeNot above the law Applies only to you and mePrune Face BannonGirdles GuilfoyleDrippy GiulianiDiaper DonIvanka WankerJared CushionGumby TrumpBark MeadowsNitwit NavarroDandy StoneBroken East windShakey JuniorGraham CrackerPotshot ScottRiver JordanJeffrey ShartLugnut LindellMoe Ron DesantisBo BertConway ShittyGoebels…

When Billionaires Cry

Yelling ManMaking a fussWants attentionFrom the rest of usAnother yelling manYelling even louderWants attentionFrom the same damned crowdWhat they wantI cannot sayThey make no senseTo me anywayGrand standing ElonOn a big cliffDrooling and yellingSmoking a spliffSo much yellingNot saying nothingMaking shit upAlways bluffingMakes me laughWhen billionaires cryFor attention fromYou and I I’m cleaning up my diatribes – because my lyrics do enough talking. I…