Steampunk Santa

Steampunk SantaWith three new friendsDrinking bourbonFour drunk gentsOpening presents Meant for the Baby KingBlotto out of their mindsListen as they sing”We four dudesOf Hoboken areFour drunken piratesBelly up to the bar””Oh come all ye faithfulBuy us one more beerIts almost closing timeWe sure do love our cheer”They woke up insideAn old abandoned busWreaking of boozeNot knowing where they wasThe presents had gone missingNo gifts…

Anna Lynn

Her name is Anna LynnMy dearest mannequinI know the shapes she’s inI’ve  gotten under her skinSome stop and stare at usBut she’s the only thing I trustAs the world slowly rustsMy headless articulated bustChorusGo ahead and make your jokesShe gives me my only hopeThat somehow man will win[A world soon] dominated by mannequins

Sad Soothsayer

Sad SoothsayerPolitical pollsterAin’t got nuttinIn his holsterShootin blanksAir rifle blasterShootin his horn offMedia disasterTea leaf readerNumb skull priestAirplane safetyDoor releaseTweeting moronSpewing methaneAttention seekerAll in vainBobbing squintingTongue depressorBrown shirt sycophantSad goose stepperCandidate suck upBig boot lickerLittle ass kisserShit stained knickersChorusHype CoffinNothing to saySoothsayer punditsPlease go awayHype CoffinNothing to saySoothsayer punditsPlease go awayPlease – go – away Luckily, I stopped watching any of the political pundits…

Covered Bridge

Covered bridgeCold water creekLate autumn dayColors past peakBlackberry bramblesAlong the wayCounting my blessingsEvery day

Anna Moya

She grabs meLike nostalgiaVisions of BodieDark neuralgiaOld photographsThose who have passedI’m with themHome at lastAnamoiaWhen the last leavesFall off the family treeIt will be thoseYounger than meObjects in timeObjects in spaceRoadmap of sortsLines on my faceAnamoia

False Profits

Cook your booksAnd get tax breaksBillionairesHave what it takesOnly losersPay their duesStable geniusesNever loseThat is onlyHere on earthFrom what I’m toldAbout second birthWhen we dieThe needy do wellHeaven for usThe greedy, hell I’ve been fascinated by how many billionaires are pathological narcissists and how unhappy they seem to be because of a demon lust for attention. Maybe the narcissist part is what we used…


When you’re feeling no painRiding the gravy trainThere’s only one thing left to sayHamburgersThat kid that you knew in schoolWho dressed just like a foolBecame rich as the hillsHamburgersPainting is big funPreaching is betterThe cow air is coolHamburgersWhat we do with our lifeIs a mystery to meI’m happy as can beHamburgers

There’s a Skull On My Bass

There’s a skull on my bassWith a jovial faceHe looks like a friendHe doesn’t offendI’ll let him stay thereAs I play from my chairHe likes the bass soundIts warm and its roundHe also likes celloIts low and its mellowHe likes what he hearsHe doesn’t have ears

A Little Hope

Sometimes a little hopeMeans a lotJust to showThat you careWhen actionsSpeak louder than wordsAnd your actionsShow you are thereThat little hopeMeans a lotEspecially whenThey thought you forgotBut you knowWhen this happened to youAnd so you go on caringA lot

Amber Rust

There’s a favorite time of mineI call it “Amber Rust”When the light of fireplaceGlows Amber Iron DustWhat is Iron Dust you askPlease don’t ask me whyIts just words rolling off my tongueWhile staring, lost,Mesmerized by the fire