The most beautiful placeThat I’ve ever seenIs a part of heavenCalled Telluride We drove from Mesa VerdeAfter a gorgeous hikeOn hiway 1 – 4 – 5The most beautiful pike ChorusTellurideAlways in my heartTellurideAlways on my mind We saw aspens aglowGold, crimson and copperAlong the wayTo Telluride When we arrivedWe saw aspens in snowI could have diedAnd that would have been alright

Silent Night, STARRY NIGHT

Thanksgiving will be full of thanks this year. Even with the pandemic – the promise of a vaccine looms large – and when I say loom – this time its a good thing!

Liberty Train

This year, more than any in my life, I’m thankful that while our democracy has been put to the test by a totally incompetent wannabe dictator, that he and his henchmen seem to have been foiled. Liberty trainBroken chainsSmashed oppressionFreedom reigns Deposed KingDeposed QueenClear the courtOf all the Jesters New day wakingFascism quakingNo more takenAdvantage of


Last year, I found this creepy AM radio station that plays Christmas music year round’ – its as if they are “place holding” the frequency. At the time I had an impressive home brewed directional phased antenna system (my Ham Radio callsign is KY6R) – because several stronger stations were on the same frequency. Spoiled rotten childrenAlways want their wayWhen Father Krampus arrivesHe’ll have…

Harvest Time

It’s harvest time The frost is on the pumpkinWe reap what we sowWe harvest the crops that grow Its harvest timeWe’ve smashed the Rotten PumpkinThis year its nothing but treatsAfter 4 years of dirty tricks Its harvest timeThe Pumpkin has been smashedTime to sit by the fireWe forced the Pumpkin to retire ChorusSmash the pumpkinSmash the pumpkinSmash the pumpkinSmash the pumpkin


Like the Autumnal Winds – which blow the beautiful colored fall leaves off the trees, our American Democracy just withstood one of the worst 4 years in the history of our nation, but today that has all changed for the better.

Hope Satellite

Satellite of Hope in These Covid Times Hope is all we have right now. Round and round we go Round the Planet we Glow Sewing seeds of forgotten Hope Helping those in need to cope End the reign of divisiveness Put our country to the test Do what we do best End this terror of selfishness Evil loses in the end Peace and Love…

Accidental Graveyard

Accidental Graveyard Let’s get some rest Too much hassle Lets get it off our chest Accidental Graveyard Let’s get some rest Too much hassle Lets get it off our chest A fiend in need We hope he bleeds Put us in need His downfall he sealed A fiend in need We hope he bleeds Put us in need His downfall he sealed Harvest our…

The Essence of Time

Life is short – Spend your time wisely The Essence of Time Is heaven Scent The Essence of Time Is all we got

New Hope

In a Fortnite, America Could Start Healing In a fortnite, we shall see If the healing’s for you and me Lets get rid of this disease Give us hope for our release In a fortnite, we will know If its time for things to grow Seeds of peace that we can sow It could change with just one Vote All good people up in…