If The Shoe Fits

I wanted to try writing a song in G Minor. I’m finding that writing with the piano / keyboards is the fastest way to best understand music theory – because the keys are laid out so linearly / logically. I’m also starting to enjoy playing piano more than any other instrument – it’s fun to add other instruments as accompaniment – like the Lap…

The Great Rock N’ Roll Myth (and Piano and Strings)

I’ve reminisced on this blog about being in a band in the 80’s in San Francisco quite a few times. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the best times in my life. After a year of studying music seriously, I can tell you with 100% accuracy that any band that says they just picked up instruments and threw together a band either…

Heart Grenade

It feels great to have an administration with compassion and empathy – one who cares about the people of the US – not one man’s crippled ego and morally bankrupt soul.

How to Catch a Prehistoric Sea Creature

No music today – just that interesting “creature”, plus a “Combine”: Just a few ideas on a Sunday – I spent the day getting my art studio under the house back in order. I used to use it to build Assemblages – mostly between 2007 – 2013 or so – all of them featured here: I guess I’m doing a modified version of that…

erste Kunst für Kabarett 391

I hope to soon try my hand at stop animation – with the puppets – and then scoring music to their jittery and quirky dances. Once I get good at it – I’ve made these panels that fit into the frame at the top of the puppet theatre – and I will have the puppets rate and review the artwork. Stay tuned!

Frucht Einer Langen Erfahren

I’ve long been a fan of the Dada and Surrealist art movements – but especially Dada – where it was simple and “fresh”. While there was a manifesto – most artists were trying new things and were influenced by the Post WWI political world and rapid changes in technology. The Dada movement seemed to have a more viceral reaction – and was quite raw…

Puppettheatre des Absurden Test Shoot

And here is a bonus character – “Buckaroo”:

Puppettheatre des Absurden

Kabarette 391 Presents Puppentheatre des Absurden . . . its 1918 Zurich all over again . . .

Finger Gottes

Finger GottesWeitreichende RankenHat dich auf der Erd deponiertDann bringt dich weg Fingers of GodFar reaching tendrilsDeposited you on EarthThen takes you away The only time I feel that there could be a God – its always due to nature – if it were only for Man – I wouldn’t believe in God at all.


Marcel Duchamp is an artist I am familiar with because in the 80’s I was a huge Man Ray fanatic. I started out loving his photography, but then was drawn into his drawings and paintings – and of course Assemblage. The more I learned about Dada Art – the more I loved it. So many other Modern art movements and offshoots made more sense…