Cod Peace Head

To commemorate the (almost) beginning of summer, I offer you Cod Peace Head Broadcasting’s Summer Beach Spectacular. Cod Peace Head, located on the quaint Maine coast in the imaginary seaside hamlet with its peaceful beach and great fishing. Everything about Cod Peace Head is imaginary – from the “Song Ideas” to the characters, to the olde tyme radio broadcasts and call letters. The silly…

Puppet Radio Station Transmitter

In college I was a DJ at their very small and simple radio station WLHU (Lock Haven State College). When I was 13, I got my first Ham Radio license. I still hold the FCC call sign KY6R, but I’m no longer active. Anyway, I’ve had a life long love of radio, even though the Internet has made it obsolete. This song started out…

Mind Full

A double entendre on mind filled and mind full. This song seemed to write itself in about 3 hours in my tiny desk studio.

Goth Police

Imagine if the 70’s / 80’s power pop band The Police were Goth. I think they might sound a little like this song

First Puppet Theatre Photo Shoot

Its a GREAT day – I’ve worked for months to get to this point. In some ways, today is “Day One” as far as this crazy puppet theatre idea goes. Its all started one afternoon – I had several weird thoughts that came together . . . . . take my music and combine it with creepy puppets – somehow. Video? Still Life Photography?…

Puppet Theatre Lighting

I installed two very cool lighting extension bars that let me hang my photo lights from the ceiling. I had to do that because there just isn’t enough room for lighting stands and the camera tripod. With the lights hanging down, it also means there are no stands to get in the way of the photo. I’ll only have one light on a stand…

Park Bench

I made the seat and back yesterday and the two upright parts today. It’s made for two puppets to sit.

Puppet Theatre Test Shots

Today I turned on my LED photo lights for the first time. I just used my simple and silly phone for a bunch of test shots. Turns out, the side light from outside is really nice on the puppet stage and Proscenium. All I need now is one little maroon drape and curtain / bunting around the stage. I also did finish the park…


While Phrenology was a fad and pseudoscience – it is kinda cool and fun anyway. The old illustrations re very cool indeed. Today’s song includes a “happy accident”. I didn’t care to just play a blues guitar part, so I started just “scratching” on the strings before the bridge-piece. It sure sounded cool – and I kept it as a “sort of” guitar part….