Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscienceThen you have a soulThat holds a place forYour Eventual GhostWe may not survive Or live foreverBut we are vesselsPlace holding our soulOur soul is ourEarthly heartWhen we pass onThat’s when we startChorusWhen we die We only startOur Eventual GhostComes from our heart I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New…

The Flying Time Paradox

Time flies when you’re having funTherein lies the quirkYou want to have more time for funBut that’s not how it worksThe more time that you getThe faster that extra time fliesIts better than the alternativeYour life you could despiseIf you want more time Live your life in miseryThen the days will never endJust you wait and seeI’ll take fast but funThat’s always been my…

You’re Never on My Mind

You’re never on my mindNever in my thoughtsEver since you left meAfter you were caughtYou plotted to leave meWith another manI stumbled on his lettersThen I knew your planAfter that I tried to forgetBut the damage doneI didn’t get the relief I neededTill you were finally goneChorusYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mind

Voodoo Lounge Singer

Within a couple of weeks we have a Buckeye tree that will start to bloom. It always happens by mid February. There are other trees that have white flowers that bloom by this same time. I’m going to try to write a song with a melody based on Spring since we are getting close to Mardi Gras, which here in Orinda is a sort…

Where Love Knew No Name

This is a true story. They were never meant for each otherThey were only lifeless part time loversPassion never entered their roomFrom the start their match was doomedThere was no foul play or murderNo abuse, yelling or even a murmurThere simply was nothing between themTheir marriage only a convenienceAfter receiving his Dear John letterHe started feeling much betterHe had wondered for many yearsWhen mad…

Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at nightThe message arrivedFrom Centauri Sector NineA chill went up my spineThrough the static crashI heard a muffled voiceThe being on the phoneShrieked and then moanedThe message then got clearI heard it with both earsThe voice said in great fear”We’ve just run out of beer!”

Its Been a While

It was cathartic to hear a song I wrote 36 years ago and compare it to my song writing today – especially since I didn’t touch a musical instrument for more than 34 of those years. I also remember my band mates and these lyrics just poured out. Its been a whileSince we playedAnd sang our songsNever againNow that you’re goneIts been a whileWishing…

Truth Eye

The Truth Eye Tells the truthIn the by and byAnd in the futureThe Truth EyeTells the truthHard to come byForsake and For soothIn the end The truth comes outThere’s no pretendWithout a doubt

Haunted Bookends

Some clownsAppeared way up highOn my bookshelfThe other nightI said “What do you want?”They just smiledIt must have been the BourbonOr the sweet BarleywineI asked them to leaveI felt out of my mindBut they sat there and smiledMy demand they declinedPink elephants and Bookshelf ClownsIs what happens when you imbibeYour imagination takes overIts all in your mind (?)

This and Next Years “Art Themes”

This years art theme was “Haunted Puppet Theatre” or creepy puppets as a sort of Assemblage. There are a handful of really decent photos, but the concept took way too much time and effort with a lower return on my investment. However, using the puppet theatre as a still life photo platform – and learning better lighting techniques was better than I expected. Building…