I’ve had many work benches in my life – from electronic ham radio and maker to photographic dark rooms to art / painting, music and wood working work benches. I’ve even had virtual software work benches. The key to all this is that I’ve lived my life making and building, not tearing down or whining. When the going gets tough, the tough starts making….

If The Shoe Fits

I wanted to try writing a song in G Minor. I’m finding that writing with the piano / keyboards is the fastest way to best understand music theory – because the keys are laid out so linearly / logically. I’m also starting to enjoy playing piano more than any other instrument – it’s fun to add other instruments as accompaniment – like the Lap…

erste Kunst für Kabarett 391

I hope to soon try my hand at stop animation – with the puppets – and then scoring music to their jittery and quirky dances. Once I get good at it – I’ve made these panels that fit into the frame at the top of the puppet theatre – and I will have the puppets rate and review the artwork. Stay tuned!

Frucht Einer Langen Erfahren

I’ve long been a fan of the Dada and Surrealist art movements – but especially Dada – where it was simple and “fresh”. While there was a manifesto – most artists were trying new things and were influenced by the Post WWI political world and rapid changes in technology. The Dada movement seemed to have a more viceral reaction – and was quite raw…

Puppettheatre des Absurden Test Shoot

And here is a bonus character – “Buckaroo”:


Marcel Duchamp is an artist I am familiar with because in the 80’s I was a huge Man Ray fanatic. I started out loving his photography, but then was drawn into his drawings and paintings – and of course Assemblage. The more I learned about Dada Art – the more I loved it. So many other Modern art movements and offshoots made more sense…

Introducing Kabarette 391

From about 2007 – 2013, I made Assemblage Art. Mostly creepy doll heads and old radio parts. These were made mostly as still life pieces for my photography. I gave all but a handful away, and most people seemed to appreciate them. When I worked at Lithium Technologies in Emeryville, I put a bunch on my desk, and anyone who saw them and raved…

Kabarett 391

Back in the 80’s I played guitar and synthesizers in a band in San Francisco. We played mostly at The Hotel Utah, but other more divy bars in the SF Bay Area. I lived in SF between 1984 and 1994 – what I consider a real hey day and so much better than when the first “dot con” ruined the city – which happened…


I’ve known several people who woke up one day and realized they had to “find themselves” – they had been going through life’s paces, but hadn’t really been living their life – or knew who they were or wanted to be. IntrospectreIn that fleeting blue lightThat certain silent speed of soundOnly heard late at night IntrospectreDid you catch a view?Did you see yourself?Was it…

My Musical Journey

I’m coming up on one year of teaching myself guitar, bass, keyboards, violin, lap steel and other odd instruments (kalimba, tin whistle, theremin). I also have taught myself Cubase and how to arrange parts for a song, plus some production and mixing skills. I played percussion in grade school band, and played some of the melodic percussion instruments, such as timpani, bells and xylophone….