Always The Machine

We start at the bottom As children We ascend to the top Or so we hope Some gain experience And wisdom Some do not Deep inside we know Life is a machine That you can control Take control now Or be controlled

Evil GOP Conmen

Our President evil Is a weapon of mass distraction President double wide big mouth Is all Tweet and no action Many have died Under this Monsters rule He crashed the economy He plays us for fools The only way To Make America Great again Is to rid our suffering country Of these GOP Con men

Assemblage Art: Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor Wore a Bird Like “Beek Mask” as a crude respirator Like our current White House Klan, the Plague Doctor wore a mask to keep out what they called “The Miasme”. This was actually during the Great Plague – and before they learned that the plague was caused by rodent flea’s – not something floating in the air. The Plague Doctor is…