Autumns Fading Light

Lets go out tonightCatch the last few raysOf Autumns fading lightSoon the clock goes backDarkness will descendThat’s an unnatural factWhen we get back homeWe’ll turn on the amber lightBut for now lets just roam

Family Plot

Step insideMy newfound friendIts the beginningNot the endThere’s a family plotAt the front of the houseNot a creature is stirringNot even a mouseThe burial ground Has been disturbedDon’t you worryShe’s not perturbedThey say she wandersAround at nightGiving the livingQuite a fright

The Late Arrival

We’ve been waiting for youAll these yearsPatientlyAs you posed In store windowsFor people to seeWe knew it would take timeFor you toAcquiesceTake these stepsClimb these stairsTo your eternal rest

Radio Mercy

“We’re only human”She said to Him”Take a vacation From yourself””Count your blessingsNot your cursesAfter allMany have it much worse”I guess shes rightI am that HeI forgive myself”Right” said she I was reminded this week that sometimes we can be a little too hard on ourselves. A few years back someone said the magic phrase “Take a vacation from yourself”. Words worth a song for…

The Fallen Leaf Parable

Just when you think the year is a bustSomething comes your wayA gingko leaf, a different colorAs if it wants to say”Don’t worry, there’s still hope”Like grapes on the harvest vineThere aren’t as many as last yearBut what there is is extra fineQuantity can be over ratedQuality never isJust when we think there is no more We find what we’ve dismissedChorusIts not a problemBut…

The World Around Ye Will Astound Ye

One fall dewy morningIn my camera did appearAll Fall colors in one small plantFilled my heart with cheerTobacco burst Flamed guitarsMy favorite colorsThey’re set apartThe color is so warmCooled by morning dewColliding gorgeous beautyThese moments precious and few

Winter Sentinels

Like tall soldiersProtecting their sideThey’ve dropped their leavesIt was their timeSoon enough The leaves final danceDuring this AutumnsColorful romanceThe northern winds Will then come inWinter snowWill fall again

After The Gold Rush

After the gold rushAnd the harvestA long winters napA holiday festTis marking timeThis cycle of fallThe colors are splendidWe’re having a ballSoon its next yearWe’ll start this againWinter, Spring, SummerThen Fall at the end

Autumn Gold

Rich as a RockefellerHe’s such a smart fellerHe knows all that glitters is not goldAt least this I’ve been toldI feel sorry for heHis commode is gold where he peesHe has no clue about loveOr the planets and stars up aboveHe is the fool on the hillHis life has been Built to SpillIf I were him I would bailTo avoid yet another lifes’ fail

Three is The Golden Mean

Three is the Golden MeanWhen leaves fall from the treesWhen you write a songThe lyrics can never be wrongIf its comes from your heartHumility serves us from the startWith honesty comes honorWe couldn’t ask for much moreNext time you stop and ask whyLook up into the skyThe colors there aboundBeauty can be found all around