Mysterious Thanksgiving Moon

Thanksgiving MoonAppeared in my DreamSoftly shining Mysterious sceneMy camera didn’t catch The full glory of the nightSo I push processed itUntil I got it rightIt occurred to meThat humans can seeHuman emotionsBetter than technology

Flaming Aspens

Flaming AspensAll aglowRed, Copper, OrangeAnd YellowAutumns FireworksIn one small treeSoothed my soulSet me freeTrees of greenHide and seekBut when Fall arrivesWe leaf peep

Giving Thanks For You

The Fall Leaf TrailLeads us to ThanksgivingWith youLife is worth livingTogetherWe travel and seeThe bounty of EarthAnd it’s beautyThere’s nothing Like my time with youI cherish it And all that you do

Winters Chill is Here

Winters Chill is hereClosing out the yearHolidays good cheerWith those we hold dearLeaves are almost goneSome still hanging onWinter light at dawnFrost and pumpkin its onShadows growing longSing a thankful songFireplace poker prongTurns red hot fireplace logs

Autumn Color Finale

The days have a chillThat signals the endOf Fall Color FoliageMy latest best friendThanksgiving’s soonSo much to be thankful forRekindling loveReunions GaloreSoon I will spyWinter scenesSubtle beautyWith my photographic eye

Love Hath No Bounds

Something catharticHas happened to meIt all came about With Fall Colored LeavesA feeling of Love Coursed through my veinsThankfulness, gratitudeCoursed through my brainA fitting thingAt this time of yearLove and warmthHas drowned out my fearsNow I know thatLove Hath No Bounds Look for it’s beautyIt will astoundHate is so weakAnd thin as a veilEasily unmaskedAlways does failLike little DavyWho conquered GoliathHate’s always conqueredBy Love…

Late Fall Light

Late Fall LightSignaling snowShort days, long nightsWinters glowSummer birds Have flown awayWinter birds Are here to stayEvery seasonHas a planHas it’s reasonSomething grand

Winters Blue Fog Light

Early morningThis time of yearBlue light fogFills the airChills your soulDown to the boneSummer birdsAll have flownAutumn’s pageantNow has passedColored foliageNever lastsThere is beauty In this lightDays are shortLong is nightTrees reveal Their winter tonesShowing offTheir Skeleton BonesSee the moonNight winter lightBeaming throughThis cold fog lightYet I’ve learnedAbout each seasonAnd the Logic thatHas it’s reasonTry to find Some quiet timeContemplateThis Winter RhymeGo outsideLook aroundSubtle…

My Friend, The Seedling

The tiniest tree in my yardIs the biggest beautyWhat it lacks in sizeIt makes up in dutyI watered it with careAll this yearIt’s my friendIt’s heaven sentIt is giving thanksPutting on a fireworks showOf color and intentAs it slowly growsDon’t overlookThe beauty aroundIn your own front yardThere on the ground

Maybe There is a Heaven!

Just when you thinkThere’s no beautyLeft in the worldLook up, you’ll be reassuredIt’s easy to missThe beauty all aroundWhen our eyes are focusedOn the flat earth groundYou’d be surprised What you’ll seeWhen you step awayFrom your virtual reality