Beauty is Where You Find It

I’m now in full swing with Fall Colors and everything Autumn. I’m using images that are current here in California, and from past trips to Colorado and Oregon. Since I’ve started hiking again, I am feeling newfound appreciation for being able to do things we all take for granted, like walking. Music has become totally meshed with my heart and mind. Work is great,…

Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscienceThen you have a soulThat holds a place forYour Eventual GhostWe may not survive Or live foreverBut we are vesselsPlace holding our soulOur soul is ourEarthly heartWhen we pass onThat’s when we startChorusWhen we die We only startOur Eventual GhostComes from our heart I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New…


I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original: in a nutshell Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too Socio political songs are tricky….

KRY Radio

I’ll have a series of photographs and maybe songs related to this microphone and or KRY Radio. Stay tuned. The bottom endOf your radio dialThe saddest stationK – R – YThe bad news hitsShades the lightThere are no answersK – R – YMiddle of the roadEverything you likeYour home stationK – R – YSounds of the timesDays of your livesKeep your dial tuned toK…

Familiar Ghosts

I thought a lot about how ghosts can be friendly and even loving. Ghosts are in photographs and the double entendre is the word familiar. Thanks Great Grandma Grace! Its a gift from a relative I never met but who has my mothers face. Quite the fantastic experience. A PhotographA Smiling faceA family ghostAnother timeAnother placeA PhotographA Family ghostHere’s to youMy friendA toastA PhotographMy…

Amazing Grace

While doing genealogy recently, this photo and connection appeared out of what seemed like no where. I almost fell out of my chair. Besides the fact that it’s so obvious where my mother got her looks from, I also share some facial features. Seek and ye shall find – or maybe Great Grandma Grace found me? Amazing GraceA friendly faceSo familiarWarm and safeMy Mother’s…

The Magic Picture Frame

I will share my imagination from behind this new magical picture frame that I made this week. I’ll add as much music to these still photos as I can. Use your imaginationOpen your eustationFrom any nationOr persuasionI’ll share my musicAnd artI can only hopeIt touches your heartWe only walk this earth For a short whileBut together as we ageI hope together with a smile

Love Kitchen

Your love kitchenGets me itchin’Fish and chipsCurvy hipsChicken thighsSultry eyesFrench fried tatersCan’t wait for laterBig plump melonsSweet honey smellin’Your pouty lipsI can’t resistBiscuits and gravyChestnut hair wavyI must confessBaby, you’re the bestCorn on the cobI feel like a slobWhat can I doYou’re making me droolRibs and beansCollard greensYou make me hurtI want your desert

The Locket

That locketIn your pocketDoes it remind youOf me?Do rainy daysAnd sunlit hazeRemind youOf me?I guess notThe wrong spotWe wereNever meant to be

Stow Aways

This Lyric is a round about way of me holding back with my music playing and singing confidence. Sometimes its real hard to get past self consciousness. When you do, the feeling of freedom is really great. Don’t pay no mind to nay sayers, even when that nay sayer is yourself! The boys and Mr. LuckyPlay “Stowaways”Its an indoor gameFor rainy daysThey try to…