Consuming Thoughts

When youThink About your thoughtsAnd you’re spinningRound and roundStop to think That stopping thinkingMight be bestIn fact, profoundTake a vacation From yourselfOpen up your foggy eyesNothing matters,Warrants worryLet it goYou’ll be surprised!

We Have The Power

It’s easyTo forgetThe powerThat we haveFilled with Self doubtIt’s howWe usually rollUntilIf by accidentWe rise aboveAnd achieve Our full potentialSurprise!Reach for itIt’s always there

Peace Came in a Dream Last Night

Peace came In a dream Last nightClear as a bellThe sound was smoothLike a soothing celloThree weeksOf MentalAnguishExtinguishedWith just one DreamIt came UponA midnight clearOnce IHad someMental SpaceFar fromThe maddening crowdA cool clear streamWith Cleansing BreathAn Open Mind,Detached:The answer babbled inEffortlessly

Danger Days

It funny, but I’m so used to lockdown – its like I don’t want to come out of my “safe cocoon” – even three weeks after my second shot. I will venture out and go to the gym again soon. That’s my strong defense mechanism and natural yearning for survival. For the last three weeks, I’ve lived a horror at work. It feels “dangerous”,…

Green Apple Man

I’ll retire in 4 years. After 40 years in IT, I still love my job. I was the 127th employee at Oracle, and that was way back in 1984. Tempus Fugit!

Once in a Smoking Blue Moon

This post comes from the “Sometimes the worst things that can happen turn out to be the best that could have happened” file. Work for both of us has been quite grim. Luckily, we both know its only temporary. In my case two bad things have happened in the last two weeks, but I fully expect the second bad thing will more than cancel…

Radio Boat Anchor

Today was interesting. More changes at work, and for some it wasn’t good – but for me it was quite good. Luckily the world is opening back up and there are many jobs out there. The extra work I took on a few weeks ago will be temporary. Then I can get back to 100% fun stuff again.

The Trees Have Eyes!

On my daily bike ride, I stop for water at this tree It’s quite beautiful, actually.

Puppet Theatre Miniature Piano and Microphones

I’ve completed my first miniatures for the puppet theatre – and now I have enough props to do a first photo shoot and small puppet music video. The scale is 1:5 – meaning the piano and bench are 1/5th the size of the real thing. I’ll do a proper photo shoot soon. My workshop and puppet theatre are now fully organized, and I have…

Its Love Your Bass Day!

My song writing goes through cycles of concentrating on a subset of instruments that I can play semi – competently. For a while, I abandoned the string bass and used a synth bass (or even the low strings on a lap steel). My wife suggested that I play an octave lower, which meant I really had to play my string bass. I absolutely love…