There’s a RhododendronThat grows near the creekIt just popped upDuring last summers heatIt was part of a clanOf like minded plantsThey looked very thirstyI caught them by chanceNow they are tall And about to bloomThey want to thank meFor watering their roots

You Can’t Get There From Here

I figured out how to get around my fear of singing (Phonophobia). I make believe I’m some famous rock singer. A while back I channeled Mark E. Smith from The Fall and it turned out quite good. Yesterday was my Elvis day and today I channeled Lou Reed. You can’t get there from hereYou must find another wayYou’ve gone way off courseWell that’s okayWe…

Nothing to Lose

I’ve always had nothing to loseBut never understood thisA young mans trepidationHas now turned to unbridled blissI no longer care what people thinkI’ll be completely who I amNo more playing it carefulI just don’t give a damnThe things I feared in youthAre gone foreverI feel so free and aliveSince I learned to never say never

The Flying Time Paradox

Time flies when you’re having funTherein lies the quirkYou want to have more time for funBut that’s not how it worksThe more time that you getThe faster that extra time fliesIts better than the alternativeYour life you could despiseIf you want more time Live your life in miseryThen the days will never endJust you wait and seeI’ll take fast but funThat’s always been my…

Someday Justice Will Come

I’ve decided to write “The Four Princes Trilogy”. (As in Austin Powers), this one is “Number Two” . . . The meek will inherit the earthWhen Hell Freezes over (tonight)My Uncle used to say . . . I think he was rightJustice is elusiveWe all live our lives As honest, caring, good peopleFighting our personal strifeYet there are thoseFour Princes who get the sweetsBreak…

The American J6 Putsch

America truly is on very near the same path as Nazi Germany. I noticed someone else has written about this. Pay no attention to the shill who claims its not like the rise of the Nazis because the GOP and Orange Julius gave tons of money to Israel. Its as close to being exactly the same as can be – just with an American…

They Walk Among Us

The kung fu aliensWho walk among usSpreading their loveBy sprinkling their Space DustHappiness is hard to explainIt comes from withinBut triggered from othersWho give us “that grin”Its a cosmic symbiosisIts easy to missWe stumble upon itAnd somehow find blissKeep your mind openAnd also your heartJoy will find youWelcome its start

You Are My Obsession

This post is about a high school sweetheart who liked me but I was so shy a year later I finally woke up and then we got together. Fast forward 45 years and its also about the ribbon microphone. You are my obsessionI must make youMy next possessionLike the others beforeCan there be so much beauty?Elegant simplicityI have made it my dutyTo make you…

The Mighty King

The rock of our agesIs humble and well knownIt’s that thing in the parlorThe mighty king pianoTime and time againI turn to my humble friendAnd write my songsFrom start to endOther instruments come closeBut for what it’s worthThe number one instrumentThe piano comes first

SE Electronics VR2 Review

On my first recording, and using this mic and an SE SE7 small diaphram pointed at right where the speaker cone meets paper on my Fender Mustang modeling amp, I was just totally blown away. SE Electronics microphones are the killer deal of the century. They feel and sound like mics three times their price. OK, I’m an unashamed fanboy. Where’s my SE ballcap…