Last night we had some slight rain – and I only saw ONE lightning flash. I think the Bay Area dodged a bullet this year – unlike last. The day was so beautiful – after a very Fall like sunrise – the sky was so blue and the air so clear. This combined with awesome Fall light – and it was a perfect day….

Fall Leaves

There is one time every year where the natural beauty is so great, I swear to God I almost believe in God (again). You know what, nature’s beauty always reminds me that “God” got the big bang started that led to all this beauty. Beauty that man can’t create himself. It truly is other worldly. Today’s song is more folksy, and I think more…

Unhappy Acres

I realized that while the cemetery model looked cool from a certain perspective, it didn’t work for the photographic intentions that I have. Today’s song was a blast. Fender Thin Telecaster, Gretsch Lap Steel, Piano and Bass. I thoroughly enjoyed playing every part.

Pick Your Poison!

Today’s photo shoot is about choices we make in life – good or bad. We have a lot more control over what we do than we think – but sometimes its a windy path and a lot of hard work and patience – both seem to have withered with the advent of the Internet and its “always on” and “swipe left or right” instant…

The Psychobilly Train

I’m really getting into Psychobilly and anything alto country, alt-americana. The more twisted, the better…

The Ugliest Of Ugly Americans

I wanted to try a psycho billy song, and I think I came close, and for some craziness, I added a Moog Theremini theremin. Its not often that a song could use a theremin. I will try to write a few more – this was huge fun, and I won’t ruin it by trying to sing or “sprechgesang”. A little “love song”He’s a bloatedFat…

Anatomically Incorrect

Big fun with Lap Steel, Bass and Piano today. We’ve had the best weather this summer, but as if on cue, the smoke from the Sierra Fires are supposedly on their way here. I think last year it was just about August 10, so the timing is about right.

Kamerastan Photo Shoot

Welcome to the Imaginary Puppet Theatre – where building sets is the business and no puppet show will ever be held. However, we do see puppets engaged and performing in these photo stills. So its am imaginary imaginary puppet theatre I suppose.


Every now and then I love me some electronic arpeggiated nonsense like this song. It was a ton of fun, and a really easy song to write. I got the Imaginary Puppet Theatre ready for tomorrows photo shoot. It was more work than I expected, but it was fun. I had a great bike ride this morning – it was nice and cool. I…


I tried to add a lap steel solo to yesterdays song, but the song got way too busy, so I wrote this song idea instead, starting with a sort of solo. Both are in the same key, so they do have some overlapping similarities. One thing I’m realizing is how important arrangement and “sound sculpting” are. There are so many rock and pop songs…