Magic Box

YOWZA! I finally am in control of my mixes. I even figured out why the Cello was so muddy as well as other recording and mixing problems. I hope to share these in another post soon. I thought the mics used on the guitar cabinet were the SM57 and NT1A, but it was actually the SM57 and SE7 small diaphragm, with the low cut…

Blackberry Brambles

Ring in the New YearWith a Wintertime hikeNo matter the weatherIt’ll make you feel rightGo to a place That you’ve been to beforeBut not for a whileA place you’ve ignoredYou will findA place from your pastCan reveal new meaningIts a blastThese Blackberry BramblesHad secrets to revealTheir colored leavesHidden secrets unsealedColored leaves on ChristmasA new thing I’ve learnedWith each year anewSomething new to discern

Silent Night, Holy Night

Dar Williams sung about A Yule Tide Winter Solstice Dinner”The Christians and The Pagans”Its a great song, a real winnerThe world is full of contradictionsAt least it seems at firstBut when you peel away the onionWe all share the same thirstPeace on Earth to All Good PeopleThose who Pray for PeaceThose who still believe in magic (Love)Blessed are those who help The Least

M.C. Christmas

Father Christmas And Santa ClausAin’t got nothing On the real bossMr. C. ChristmasLet’s call him JimHe’s the meaning of ChristmasThe real thingWe sing our praiseTo M.C. The ManD.J. of life’s partyThe master of our danceSomewhat distantBut always hereEmbodiment of LoveAll we hold dear

Elf Union 572

What do Elves do When they’re on break?They work so hardSo many toys they makeThey wanted Longer breaksBetter working conditionsAnd more payThey formed a unionNumber 572They got what they wantedThey pay their duesHe takes his breaksUnion Boss Edgar Strempfle In the new break roomWhere he chain smokes menthol

The Bells of Christmas Past

From time to timeI think of youYou left this earth So long agoI hear the bellsOf Christmas PastGrowing up in our houseFlew by so fastNow my sons Have moved awayMy hairline hasMore than a touch of greyI hear the bellsOf Christmas PastGrowing up in our houseFlew by so fastIts time to raise our glassTo all you, whom I’ve lovedPresent and pastMerry Christmas!I hear the…

Da Jingle Belles at Da Bada Bing!

Today I woke up thinking about New Jersey – where I grew up and also The Sopranos – which really reminded me of that old NY / NJ “schtick”. I’ve been in the Bay Area since I graduated college (Lock Haven, PA), but I’m really glad I grew up in NJ – because its really a funny place – with a lot of really…


Insulator insulatorInsulate my loved onesFrom harmGlad tidings, health And happinessBe this good luck charmIts not aboutThe things in lifeBut the people that you loveFor when you care For loved ones dearYou will rise aboveJoyeux NoelSing thy praiseTo the heavens aboveBut don’t forgetTo praise your selfFor helping those you love


The hand of New ConvenienceJust swipe right or leftThe Miscreant social mediaLeaves us all in debtLifeless, soul-less mannequinsPuppets with tangled stringsLemming clowns in clown carsChase the almighty thingOne day it won’t matterIf we’re lucky we get oldTake some time to be a humanSave your mortal soulAmazon won’t do itFacebook Meta-tasticizedTwitter for the soullessOpen up your eyesTake some time to listenMake time for family and…

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks showThey’ve saved the best for lastMy neighbors Smoke TreeCan’t be surpassedIts almost ChristmasIts a gift from HeavenOr Father ChristmasAnd its turned up to elevenThe best gifts in life are freeJust like this treeAll you have to doIs open your eyes and see