Anatomically Incorrect

Big fun with Lap Steel, Bass and Piano today. We’ve had the best weather this summer, but as if on cue, the smoke from the Sierra Fires are supposedly on their way here. I think last year it was just about August 10, so the timing is about right.

Danger Days

It funny, but I’m so used to lockdown – its like I don’t want to come out of my “safe cocoon” – even three weeks after my second shot. I will venture out and go to the gym again soon. That’s my strong defense mechanism and natural yearning for survival. For the last three weeks, I’ve lived a horror at work. It feels “dangerous”,…

Radio Boat Anchor

Today was interesting. More changes at work, and for some it wasn’t good – but for me it was quite good. Luckily the world is opening back up and there are many jobs out there. The extra work I took on a few weeks ago will be temporary. Then I can get back to 100% fun stuff again.

At The Grande Olde Opry

Its interesting how certain parts dictate parts in a song. The piano and Solina synth parts did not happen until I had the mandolin and bass part. They were dictated by the guitar part – which came first

Road Trip

Its been a while since I wrote a song starting with guitar. I am going to try to keep the number of parts lower and with more interplay between them – each leaving some space. Some of my past arrangements were too cluttered. Its been just over a year ago when I got back into music after being away for 30 years . ….

The Randy Politicians Defense

Panic at The “Gates” of Hell . . .

Soup Is Good Food

Soup – just like your mother used to make . . .

Lonely Stage Hand

You know the typeThe one who keeps to himselfSmokes incessantlyDrinks bottom shelf Got his first jobAged fourteenNever went to high schoolDidn’t see the need Votes party linePays Union DuesDoesn’t give a shitAbout the Evening News ChorusHe pulls the curtainAn ace on the light boardHe knows his stuffBut is always ignored


I’ve had many work benches in my life – from electronic ham radio and maker to photographic dark rooms to art / painting, music and wood working work benches. I’ve even had virtual software work benches. The key to all this is that I’ve lived my life making and building, not tearing down or whining. When the going gets tough, the tough starts making….

How to Catch a Prehistoric Sea Creature

No music today – just that interesting “creature”, plus a “Combine”: Just a few ideas on a Sunday – I spent the day getting my art studio under the house back in order. I used to use it to build Assemblages – mostly between 2007 – 2013 or so – all of them featured here: I guess I’m doing a modified version of that…