Tree Wise Guys

We tree guysOf Orient AintOur good looksWill make you faintWe’ve arrivedTo cheer you upPour some beerInto our cupsNever too early To deck the hallsFill the treeWith colored balls

Happy Entrails

This weekends Halloween 666 Special #5 will be by far the most macabre of the series, but it will also be the funniest. I’m in my own virtual world, but unlike Online virtual world’s, mine has power tools and paint.


Another simple 12 String, Solina and Piano song. I’m enjoying trying to keep it simple. I can come up with decent guitar chord progressions, so now I’d like to concentrate on my piano and organ/ synth counterpoint and melodies. OK. NOW we’re talking. It’s been really great to simplify and just write using guitar and keyboards. It has forced me to know when to…

Halloween 666 Series #4: Nevermore

This year I am celebrating Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and quite a few other poems and stories that were inspired by both his Mother and Wife (both) dying at age 24 from Tuberculosis. He might have had some existing mental health issues – but his substance abuse and unending grieving seemed to drive him mad and over the top. He was a very…

Anatomically Incorrect

Big fun with Lap Steel, Bass and Piano today. We’ve had the best weather this summer, but as if on cue, the smoke from the Sierra Fires are supposedly on their way here. I think last year it was just about August 10, so the timing is about right.

Kamerastan Photo Shoot

Welcome to the Imaginary Puppet Theatre – where building sets is the business and no puppet show will ever be held. However, we do see puppets engaged and performing in these photo stills. So its am imaginary imaginary puppet theatre I suppose.

Lonely Stage Hand

You know the typeThe one who keeps to himselfSmokes incessantlyDrinks bottom shelf Got his first jobAged fourteenNever went to high schoolDidn’t see the need Votes party linePays Union DuesDoesn’t give a shitAbout the Evening News ChorusHe pulls the curtainAn ace on the light boardHe knows his stuffBut is always ignored

San Francisco Surreal Dreams in Color – Circa 1984

Flashback! San Francisco between 1984 and 1994 was perfect. I was in my 20’s and did what people in their 20’s do. Besides work, I lived an artful life. I had some great fun with fellow musicians and artists. One fun time stands out, and this photo – rendering is the picture worth 1024 words.

Organized Chaos

I’m learning that there is a fine line between noisy gibberish and Organized Chaos. I’ve been trying to extend past the “normal” 3 minute pop tune song structure or soundscape – but I tell ya – its a real challenge. Every now and then I seem to stumble on something that works. This tune is “OK” – but it was an eye opener –…

Basement Puppet Theatre

No music today – it’s been a huge weekend wrapping up getting my basement art studio / puppet theatre set up. Its been weeks in progress, actually, but I’ve completed the really “heavy lifting” work – like laying down subflooring and flooring, building work benches and sanding and staining the puppet theatre – which now just needs a little last paint and stain touch…