I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original: in a nutshell Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too Socio political songs are tricky….

A Musical Paradox

Because I’m trying to sing I Googled “Best Aria” and Marie Callas popped up. Wow. Now that’s singing. Then I Googled “Most rock singers don’t sing”. Geez – I’m going to listen to some Arias and Musicals. Maybe I’ll finally like anything that’s musical. And yeah, most rock singers don’t really sing, but that’s exactly why I love rock n roll. Some bluegrass singers…

I Was Born For The Stage

I might finally be over my fear of singing and thinking my voice is awful. Here’s the funny back story of that last song. Michael Stipe, one of a handful of my favorite rock singers, used to love to do a bad Elvis impression. I thought, “What if I tried a Michael Stipe impression of him singing Elvis Style. My wife and a few…

Voodoo Logic

Voodoo Catcher, hidden logicWorks in mysterious waysCatches juju in the night timeSleeps during the dayIn your waking sunlit hoursMagic happens all aroundCan’t explain it, don’t even botherIts usually quite profoundIt isn’t luck or magicIts a melange of many thingsSome say its electro magneticSome say its the I ChingWhere do ideas come from?Seemingly out of thin airIts really not worth the askingJust let it happen…

The Same Old Song

It’s never the same old songWhen you learn new thingsMake the time to open your mindAnd your life will start to singOpeness is the anti-ignoranceThe cure for a sad tired mindYou’ll be amazed by something newA spark, recreation you will findExperience is never passive It’s something you must doYou have to drive to itIt doesn’t drive to you

One in Five

I’ve surveyed my sceneCounted my song hiveThe songs I’m proud ofIs One in FiveOne in FiveThat’s Twenty PercentYou have to write a lotTo make something decentSome are decentSome on the descentSome are hell bentSome seem heaven sent

Tribute to Ray Manzarek

Stop me if you’ve heard this beforeThat famous song by The DoorsThe lyrics are about lustBut the music is so much moreTime and space The Doors did bendRay Manzarek music legendClassical, Jazz, and RockAll genres were his friendA Minor was the KeyThe key then changed amazinglyRay led the band on this songThe rest is now history

Broken Yolk

Success is not Cracking an eggIts the yolk insideA Wiseman saidEven whenThe yolk is brokenThe yolks still thereIt’s not been stolenTake your yolkPretend it’ fine clayMake something differentStart it today

Three is The Golden Mean

In photographyThe rule of thirdsUsually worksSometimes absurdWhen writingMake three pointsIs your strong suitSometimes disjointWhen buildingThe thing that’s strongIs the triangleSometimes its wrongChorusIts not always perfect But most times its rightThree is The Golden MeanIt shines really bright I’m going back over my best compositions – Music, Photography, Assemblage and Writing and the “Rule of Thirds” does usually work. There are exceptions – I can…