Less is More

I’m going to close my Amazon Prime account this week, and shop locally. It wont cost any more because I won’t be buying so much crap. You can’t missWhat you never hadToo much stuffJust makes us sadOur cluttered closetsOur cluttered livesMakes us itchGives us hivesGreed of the poor Makes rich people richThe poor stay in debtThe rich get the griftChorusLess is moreMore or lessThings…

Theatre de Absurd

When lifeIs stranger than fictionAnd you try to make senseOf an alien dictionEmbrace the strangeDon’t hold backYou just never knowWhat’s down the trackWhat’s down the trackCould seal your fateFrom just another dayTo a future that’s great


He was the boyWith the horns on his headComplexion bizarreBright Bronzer RedA Kreepy Klass Klown With no class at allThe fatter they are The harder they fallAn ex New YorkerWho painted the townHis midas touchTurned everything brownAll of his suck upsAll of his Ted’sCouldn’t put Krappy backIn the White House againGood riddanceTo bad rubbishBe very careful What you wishWhen your egoIs 10 stories tallIt…

King Piggs Final Demise

As he was about to ascendTo the right hand of the devilHe met his endHis final demiseA shocking surpriseNo one lives foreverNot everyone lives rightExit stage leftTo the victor his spoilsHe’s left this mortal coilThe rest of his cabinetHis spoiled court consortShred to piecesBlown in the windTo never return againHis heart gave outOr so the doctors saidThen the shockerThrough a gaping holeThey couldn’t find…


Zero Three SeeMeans you’re out of memoryYou must re-IPLTo break this evil spellControl Alt DeleteThe reboot is completeNow you’re on your wayGo about your dayHold the button downThe cell phone will reboundWhen it doesn’t computeYou must reboot

You’re Never on My Mind

You’re never on my mindNever in my thoughtsEver since you left meAfter you were caughtYou plotted to leave meWith another manI stumbled on his lettersThen I knew your planAfter that I tried to forgetBut the damage doneI didn’t get the relief I neededTill you were finally goneChorusYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mindYou’re never on my mind

Voodoo Logic

Voodoo Catcher, hidden logicWorks in mysterious waysCatches juju in the night timeSleeps during the dayIn your waking sunlit hoursMagic happens all aroundCan’t explain it, don’t even botherIts usually quite profoundIt isn’t luck or magicIts a melange of many thingsSome say its electro magneticSome say its the I ChingWhere do ideas come from?Seemingly out of thin airIts really not worth the askingJust let it happen…

Wishing Well

I used to feelSo OverlookedThe great unknownI felt ForsookThen I sawThe 27 ClubEx Famous peopleThe Ultimate SnubIt seems so strangeTo have it allWhich then beganTheir great downfallThese famous peopleIn their primeSelf made prisonDoing timeI’m glad I’ve hadEnough RecognitionYou can drownIn the well you’re wishing

Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at nightThe message arrivedFrom Centauri Sector NineA chill went up my spineThrough the static crashI heard a muffled voiceThe being on the phoneShrieked and then moanedThe message then got clearI heard it with both earsThe voice said in great fear”We’ve just run out of beer!”


Life is not A series of tubesOr a big truckDon’t be fooledLife is notAn Internet MemeIts real peopleSoylent Green!Life is not A reality showBut a comedyDon’t you know?