K.B.O.D Radio Ghost Town

Radio Ghost TownK.B.O.DSpinning yarns in songFrom a cemeteryThe ghost ofLottie JohlShunned by someIn the knowSeen in a tranceRope burns on neckJoseph de RocheLives he wreckedSprits aboundAt the cemeteryAnd all over townIts really quite eerie

Love Gun

Who needs abortionWhen there are gunsTake em’ to schoolMake the kiddies runOur highest court, theFood Court SupremeFights abortionsWith AR-15’sShow Dad you care, andBuy him a gunThis Fathers DayBe his favorite sonSpeaking of sonsJesus wanted oneAn AR-15, wasHis favorite gunHis father, GodIn a surpriseSaid sorry son, you’llShoot our your eyeDon’t be like Pirate Goat KeeperDropped his gunAnd blew out a peeperGuns are good And next…

My Small Recording Studio Success

I started recording with Cubase LE two years ago using a Focusrite 2i2 and I had no idea about mixing and just used headphones. I liked Cubase so much I purchased the Pro edition. Here’s what I finally ended up with – a zero latency home studio with great monitoring and mixes: That’s it – very simple. I had done shootouts on all of…

Half Bright Scholars

I wrote a vocal melody that was out of my league – so I decided to save this song by using “Sprechgesang” – or “speak-sing”. As it turns out – it fits the song much better since its basically a “two guys walk in a bar” joke. Two Half Bright ScholarsWalked into a barOne forgot his walletThe other locked his keys In his carOne…

Radio Depot

This is the first song that I’ve written where I used the keyboard to write a vocal melody first with lyrics, then the guitar, then I sang – before adding bass and mandolin. I’m very pleased how it turned out – since I figure I need vocal lessons and a year of singing practice before I become at least “OK” at singing. Its a…

Garden Variety

In my gardenLizards scurryPast the flowersIn a hurryThen they stopDoing their pushupsStick their tongue outLeave abruptlyChirping babiesIn the birdhouseSing for supperMother TitmouseFather TitmouseBack and forthBringing foodFrom backyard source

Pocket Fisherman

Pockets fullPocket bookGoing fishingWith a hookCast a lineIn his pocketWhat he foundA rusty locketRusty locketHer young faceLeft him strandedLeft in hasteNo remorseOut his doorJaw hung openAnd hit the floorWallet emptyWallet bareMoths flew outThey were scaredHeart a walletNothing leftNow she’s goneHe’s bereftWhat’s the useGave up livingPain’s a giftThat keeps on givingLint and mothsPocket rustAshes to ashesDust to dust

The Door is a Jar

The doorIs a jarOn the hoodOf a carThe hatIs a lidOn the headOf a kidThe keyIs a switchOn a wallOf red bricksThe rugIs a hatMade of hairFrom a cat

Broken Wagon

This one requires a little set up. It was 1987 and I was teaching programming classes at a company called PSDI in Cambridge, Mass, in the Boston area. On the weekend I took a photo pilgramage trip to Lowell, Mass, birthplace of Jack Kerouac. I saw his inspiration for Dr. Sax, and just what it would have been like growing up there. But while…

1914 Ghost Bridge

While I can’t make any sense of this Russian Invasion (or any other war), I can at least think about my parents and grandparents who were part of the two World Wars. My grandfather fought for the Germans in WWI – but was a pacifist and refused to shoot and kill anyone. My father landed on the beach in Normandy in WWII fighting for…