My Top Three Favorite Nature Images of 2021

There were so many excellent Fall color photos this year, so they dominate this list. This was taken near Tumalo Falls near Bend, Oregon. This is part of several series of Oregon Fall photos and there others tied for first with this one – maybe better for full on color, but the path in the photo really helps make it interesting. A real surprise…

Crown Bouquet

There is a special placeIn heaven for those who loveTheir eyes are wide openTo the beauty below and aboveThere is a special placeIn hell for those who hateTheir eyes are closed shutThe dark abyss their fateGet yourself a Crown BouquetLove thy neighborAnd soon you’ll experienceWhat the word human is for


Now you’ve really gone done itKeeping my Fall Color Dream aliveHere its almost ChristmasYet you still surviveYou know I’ll take itI’m a kid in disguiseStay young foreverWith eyes opened wideA rich coppery redYour color astoundsI’ll try to explain itVery earthy like ground

Satellite Constellation

It’s warmth and beautyLike a Satellite ConstellationSurrounds meComforts meJust yards from my bedThe Smoke TreeHas sugar plum foliageDancing in my headFive leaf pedal powerColor clustersBathe mine eyesLike a bed of spring flowers

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks showThey’ve saved the best for lastMy neighbors Smoke TreeCan’t be surpassedIts almost ChristmasIts a gift from HeavenOr Father ChristmasAnd its turned up to elevenThe best gifts in life are freeJust like this treeAll you have to doIs open your eyes and see

Beauty in The Past Tense

I had a treeThat had gorgeousMulticolored leavesIt was a scraggly treeA sad Liquid AmberBarely hanging onI should have cared for itNow it’s goneIt was in our forestAmongst the canopyI thought it wild- That it didn’t need meYet for yearsIt offered it’s leavesI suppose as a way To get attention from meThe moral of this storyIs open your eyesTake care of all thingsAnd you’ll grow…

Golden Gingko

Golden GingkoDon’t tell me You’ve heard this one beforeYour golden leaves I adoreAgainst the skyOf Royal BlueYou send a messageThat rings trueAlthough your leavesAre green during summer and springIts your yellow golden leavesIn autumn that really sings

Dream Wood

I came upon a dream woodA forest much aglowI knew not where it ledI entered very slowIt wasn’t on fireAt least it wasn’t burningThe positive light made me warmIt quenched my inner yearningIt made me calm And soothed my soulThe vibrant light caressed meI never wanted to goI woke up thenWith mornings raysThe vibrant sun peeked inI gave my thanks for another day

New Day Sun

I’ve been playing Cello for 1 1/2 weeks so far. I have my first lesson via Zoom on Monday, and my Niece is my teacher. Pardon the songs lately because I’m a rank beginner, but trying to write songs for Cello is a fabulous exercise. Even though I’m getting older, it’s like the new light of a new day – learning something new makes…

Autumn Steps

Small garden stepsStrong and steepMade of brickThree foot deepAlways warmAnd invitingGarden pathQuite excitingWhen the rain Comes downGolden leaves fallOnto the ground