Garden Variety

In my gardenLizards scurryPast the flowersIn a hurryThen they stopDoing their pushupsStick their tongue outLeave abruptlyChirping babiesIn the birdhouseSing for supperMother TitmouseFather TitmouseBack and forthBringing foodFrom backyard source

Buckeye Christmas Tree

There’s something That I missed All these yearsA new source of blissI opened my eyesLo and beholdUp in the trees A new story to be toldWhat had seemedLike just a Winter TreeNow took on new meaningAt least new to meWhile others shiverIn the Winter coldWith my cameraI’m mining goldWith all leaves goneAutumn’s leaf shroud liftedWhat is underneathMakes me feel like a thiefIn this special…


I’ve been doing my usual annual reading of Edgar Allan Poe this (almost) Autumn, and I can see clearly that I identify much more with his poetry than his short stories. I love his poetry – its just so much easier to read and flows in a way where I can stay with it. His short stories are awesome, but it requires that I…


Last night we had some slight rain – and I only saw ONE lightning flash. I think the Bay Area dodged a bullet this year – unlike last. The day was so beautiful – after a very Fall like sunrise – the sky was so blue and the air so clear. This combined with awesome Fall light – and it was a perfect day….

Make Room for Fooling

My younger yearsEmotionally hotMy thoughts Seemed so booleanI either did itOr did notNo middle ground,No room for foolingYet room for foolingIs what I neededSome days to just meanderCool thoughts,Warm emotions,The twixt betweenIs Time to ganderSleep on itChew your thoughtsEnjoy the thoughtful stewTry a fork and then a spoonThen you’ll really knowWhat to do

We Have The Power

It’s easyTo forgetThe powerThat we haveFilled with Self doubtIt’s howWe usually rollUntilIf by accidentWe rise aboveAnd achieve Our full potentialSurprise!Reach for itIt’s always there

Garden Art

One of things I do is rebuild rock walls and steps and other garden “hard scaping”. Sure, I plant and water and trim plants – but I like the garden “architecture” part of the deal – where the hardscape then hints at where you should plant stuff. Because we have started having rolling blackouts in the fall – during high wind and fire season,…